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Englewood Football Team 1918

[Members of the Englewood High School football team sitting in three rows in front of a building]. 

Chicago Daily News, Inc., photographer.  CREATED/PUBLISHED 1918.

Informal full-length group portrait of members of the Englewood High School football team sitting in three rows in front of a building in Chicago, Illinois. One of the team members is African American. Included are: Vickers, Johnston, Kirkhoff, Bryson, Atkinson, Carroll, Epstein, Freed, C. Johnson, Sims, Pavlik, Jandecek. Chicago Historical Society, Clark Street at North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614-6071.

Earnest Outlaw 1928-2003

Bronzeville conversation with Ernest Outlaw, Englewood Eagle

by Charles Walton

Ernest Outlaw, bass, died on July 12, 2003. He performed for more than 50 years throughout the US, including 25 years at the Playboy Club in downtown Chicago. I knew Outlaw before his Playboy years and we hung out together and talked about music, musicians, and many things.  Believe me, he had many stories about everything and everyone.

I was born in Chicago in 1928 on June 28. I discovered later, that was the same day Louis Armstrong recorded ‘West End Blues.’  I began taking clarinet lessons while attending the Betsy Ross elementary school. During those days I met Jay Peters, saxophone, and John Avant, trombone, who were older and attending Englewood High School. We were studying with the same music teacher and became good friends.

When it was time for me to go to high school, I had been taking lessons so I could already play the clarinet somewhat. Jay and John advised on me how to fill out my school program so I could get in the Englewood High School senior band. Fortunately, I was accepted. There I got to know Jimmy Taylor, alto sax, who played in the Rhumboogie Club after high school. He was the first to tell me how well Charlie Parker played. Parker was with the Jay McShann Band.

A relative of Jay McShann, Teresa McShann, lived in my apartment building in Chicago on the third floor. I also met others who knew the band members and they would relate many stories about the band. Early on, I heard recordings of Charlie Parker and copied some of his solos, but I had no idea of what he would become. I thought of him as a giant behind Johnny Hodges and Benny Carter…

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President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton visits Englewood 1999                  http://clinton3.nara.gov/WH/New/html/19991108_1.html


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