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Saving Ourselves


The u.s. government has been very successful in isolating the Black Man, almost to the point of our extinction. We are isolated from Black Women, our children, our parents and increasingly, from our kin on the rest of the planet. We are seen as worthless, aimless and useless, especially the younger Black Men. The use of statistics tell serious lies, such as there being more Black Men in prison than in college; more Black Men abandon their offspring than any other group; Black Men are the most homeless and jobless. If you believe the white mass media, everybody lives in fear of the criminally inclined Black Man, the self-proclaimed ‘pimp or die, thug for life’. All this is designed to justify the ‘ultimate solution’ for the Black Man, our demise. We don’t have time or space here to debate those who refuse to accept the reality of genocide being carried out against us. We will instead use this space to put forth some ideas that Black Men everywhere can put into action, without permission or big organizations or major funds. If you see something you can do, just do it, Black Man. Nothing changes if nothing changes.


Saving Our Young Black Men


To save our younger Brothers, we believe that their minds can be rescued with our history, but not the stuff that’s passed out during Black history month. One of the ways to reach the minds of our younger Brothers is through showing them where they come from. (See information elsewhere on the subject of homosexuality and effeminization for another area of work to be done). We believe that young Black Men need to know their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and other male relatives. Their Black Men relatives. We need to begin by pulling together the photographs of all our male family members we can and identifying and documenting their lives as much as possible. This means gathering information in print and oral histories as well to go with the pictures. However, most of us don’t know much about our Black Men histories and you can’t teach what you don’t know. Many of us have little or no affection for our fathers and some of us don’t know our fathers at all.

However, there are plenty of other Black Men in our family trees and plenty of stories to go with them. Importantly, these stories are tied to the history of america. We need to know HOW we built this country, fought its wars, created cultures and more than carried our weight the last few hundred years. We need to know this not merely for ‘reparations’ from the government, but for ‘repairing’ our selves. Our Young Black Men will follow our lead if we demonstrate our ability to lead and one of the most important ways to do this is to give them the biggest missing pieces of themselves, their MAN histories. They need to understand that our Man ancestors who worked and fought and sacrificed for this country were not fools who were ripped off and chumped, (as many believe), but that they paid a price for us and all those who come after us. We (and our younger Brothers) don’t have to ‘ask’ for what’s due; we can simply collect our due, IF WE KNOW WHO OUR FATHERS WERE and WHO WE ARE. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.


Bridging the Past Divide


We believe Black Men must recognize and give honor to the thousands of Black Men who have been lynched and otherwise murdered in this country over the past 300 years.

This is important for several reasons. First, it is a recognition of the centuries long campaigns of terrorism waged against Black People, and the fact that Black Men fought on the front lines of our communities to protect their families and homes. It is a common mis-perception that Black Men stood by in silence or cowered while Black Women and girls were raped, brutalized and otherwise abused by the white communities, while our families were split up and our communities were continuously destroyed. The truth is that THOUSANDS of Black Men have been killed defending and protecting Black People throughout our time here, from east to west, from north to south. There are records of their names and the crimes committed against them. Every other culture group recognizes their fallen heroes and their descendants honor them in memory and substance. Literally hundreds of thousands of us have ancestors who were heroes, yet we know nothing of their bravery and courage. The souls of our fathers cry out for redemption. We must give them their proper place in our history.

Secondly, it is important because we need to recognize the cost to our families and communities of these monumental losses. When the Men of the family are killed, taken or forced away, there is a MULTI-GENERATIONAL LOSS. Over and over again, year after year after year, all across this country, our communities were attacked, ravaged and destroyed and Black Men were the primary targets of these terrorist campaigns. Yes, many Black Women were murdered, and we do not minimize their bravery or courage, but the overwhelming numbers of Black Men killed makes it clear that the Black Man was the target, the ‘backbone’ and primary protector of our family and community.

A common stereotype about Black Men is that we don’t take care of our families on the material level. Nothing could be further from the truth. WE HAVE ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF OUR FAMILIES, EVEN THROUGH SLAVERY. That is why Black Men were killed by the thousands and terrorized by the hundreds of thousands. Its why the ‘criminal just-us’ system has ALWAYS been used as a tool of terror against us. It is only within the last 40 or so years that this stereotype has become a majority belief in our minds. It is not what the white community believes; they know better. They know that the majority of Black Men are industrious, inventive, hardworking, sacrificing, artistic, courageous, brilliant and value our families more than anything on the planet. They just won’t admit it to you, because that would mean that they recognize the material loss to our families and communities over the past several centuries and the justification of the search for the wealth that has been stolen and the paychecks never cashed. We’re not talking about the ‘reparations’ due; we’re talking about the land, businesses and material wealth WE ALREADY HAD. That’s why we’re urged not to ‘dwell’ on the past. Why we’re ‘told’ who our heroes were. Why we’re ‘pushed’ to search the past for our ties to white people, instead of trying to identify the white people in the hundreds of photographs of lynchings available, so they can be held accountable for the murders of our people. Not doing this continues the belief that whites are above the law and we are not worthy of justice. As long as we see ourselves as not worth much, we won’t be. As long as we don’t value our family’s histories, we won’t know how wealthy we are.


Language, An Economic and Social Response


We believe that an important key to saving ourselves and, in particular, young Black Men, is the liberation of our minds through language. We have been mentally trapped in the language of ‘massa’ for so long that we don’t even realize that it is a trap. We believe that we need to immediately begin to learn other languages and to make it possible for our young Black Men to learn them. If you travel outside the u.s., one of the things you’ll find universally is that many Black People are multi-lingual. We in the u.s. are actually bi-lingual, in that most of us are ‘fluent’ in ‘Black’ and ‘english’. If  we were fluent in Spanish, French, Portugese and German, (at the least), we would be mentally freer, in that being ‘fluent’ (able to think in a language) would allow us to have concepts and thoughts that don’t exist in English (the information of the hieroglyphs contains concepts such as these). We would also have skills that would allow us to earn livings on an international level. We could attain a level of independence from the u.s. system we’ve never had. Young Black Men are capable of learning languages at phenomenal speed and in becoming multi-lingual, would also expand their educational acquisitions as a matter of course (reading, writing, mathematics, etc). We believe so strongly in this that we urge Black Men to immediately begin to advocate and create ‘language schools’ in all our communities, wherever we can and start with the youngest we have access to. The computer and the internet makes it possible to do this on a scale and at a cost not possible before. Think about this: what would our communities be like if, in 10 years, we have 10,000 young Black Men in their early twenties who can speak English, French, German, Portugese, Spanish and ‘Black’ fluently? What could be possible if some of the Brothers in prison use their time to learn three or four languages and bring those skills with them when they come home? All across this country, young Black Men are searching for alternatives to ‘slingin’ drugs, playing at ‘playin’, faking at ‘pimpin’ and ‘hongry’ for something other than the ‘thug life’. We have access to people who can teach us other languages; (Latinos for Spanish, Africans for French, Brazillians for Portugese [and there are more Black People in Brazil than the u.s.], etc); and once we begin the process, we’ll be surprised at how much help we’ll get. We also include sign languages and Braille.

Becoming multi-lingual will also grow our collective social knowledge. The people in the u.s. are the most socially ignorant people on earth, knowing very little about other countries’ customs, cultures and histories. Learning the world’s languages will allow us to become truly international and this is vitally important in a world where more and more people hate ‘americans’. We urgently need to be able to communicate in a language other than ‘american’ English.

For those who wonder why we did not include ‘African’ languages in this group above, we believe we will learn them as we become more knowledgeable in linguistics. The fact is that there are literally hundreds of ‘African’ languages and several thousand cultures in the 50 plus countries of Africa. Because French, Portugese and Spanish would allow us to communicate with several hundred million Black People around the world, and Germany has the largest population in europe, we believe these are the languages we should master first. After all, we are the Original People and all languages come from us in the first place. We do believe that we should all be learning how to comprehend 'hieroglyphics' because this is a source of information that we know goes back thousands of years (before the europeans) and was left to/for us by our Ancestors.


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