FROM: The Wise Ones of old, the Teachers of True Science. The Originators of True Civilization.
TO: All who desire a new perspective, and are tired of the old lies, and cannot understand what modern scientists are talking about.
Here is an ancient perspective on physics and astronomy, using modern concepts.
What is physics? It is the knowledge of the laws and principles of atoms and electrons.
What is astronomy? It is the knowledge of the laws governing stars and planets.
What is the difference between stars and atoms? Size is the only difference. The laws and principles are the same. Atoms and electrons are miniature stars and planets, and stars and planets are giant atoms and electrons. There is no difference except in size. The movements and revolutions are the same. The orbits are the same. The laws of magnetic attraction and repulsion are the same. Modern scientists want to keep the laws of atomic structure to themselves by cloaking it in a mystery. When I look up in the sky, I see the very same atoms they see in their electron microscopes. God put the stars out there for all to see who cannot afford the million dollar research microscopes, because the stars are what the atoms look like in miniature scale.


The earth and the sun

Would you like to stand on an electron? The earth is a giant-size electron. What is the nucleus of an atom?
The sun is a giant-sized nucleus. The electrons of every atom orbit around their nucleus exactly the same way the earth and other planets orbit around the sun. If you donít have a multi-billion dollar electron microscope to look at the nucleus, then look at the rising sun, and there is a perfect nucleus. Look at the earth you stand on, and there is a perfect electron.
Our solar system is a giant atom. The laws ruling its motions are the same as for an atom. We stand on an electron called the earth, and lo and behold, the electron itself is made of electrons. Is the earth not made of atoms? Yes it is.
And if the earth is an electron, then the electron is made of electrons. If the solar system is an atom, then the atom itself is made of atoms.
Mystery solved.
What is the fundamental particle of matter? It will never be found by instruments because every atom is made of miniature atoms, themselves made of even smaller atoms, to infinity.
No wonder modern scientists can never find the smallest particle. They keep discovering smaller and smaller ones as their instruments improve. But we don't need instruments. They'd be handy if we could afford them, but we don't need them. We only need our minds.


The solar system and the atom

We already saw how the solar system perfectly models the atom. The sun is a giant nucleus and the earth is a giant electron, as are the other planets. The solar system is measured to be 7,900 million miles across, as far as the orbit of the planet Pluto. Our earth is measured at only 7,900 miles across. That makes the solar system a million times bigger than the earth.
Let our minds make the obvious connection.
If the earth is the same as an electron, and the solar system is the same as an atom, then we conclude that the proportions must be the same. In other words, the size of the atom compared to the electron must be the same as the size of the solar system compared to the earth.
Solar system is to earth what atom is to electron. Same proportions, same laws, different sizes.
If the solar system is a million times bigger than the earth, then the atom is a million times bigger than the electron. Is this true?
According to modern measurements, the electron has been measured at about ľ trillionth of an inch, and the atom at about ľ millionth of an inch across. That gives a proportion of 1 million times, just like it is between the earth and the solar system. This confirms our intuition that the solar system is a giant atom, and the earth is a giant electron, and the sun is the nucleus.
earth ---- electron
+ sun ---- nucleus
= solar system ------ atom
The law of creation is: As above, so it is below.
Now our mind has been freed and we can proceed to investigate atoms and electrons by studying our own solar system. We donít need expensive tools. We just need the knowledge that has been available since ancient times, when our Ancestors spent many nights studying the sky. They were looking at stars, but at the same time they were looking at the microscopic particles of matter. Modern astronomers and physicists separate themselves into two camps. In the ancient days, our Ancestors, as they built great pyramids and other monuments to study and chronicle the movements of the stars, knew that there was no difference between astronomy and physics. By studying astronomy, they learnt all about physics as well, because physics is the study of astronomy on a microscopic scale.
As above, so it is below. That is the law of creation.
Once we have a clear understanding of this law, we can use it to learn about the rest of the universe; how it was created, when it was created, what is its size and duration. All we need is our minds.



The Universe

If you have ever been far away from city lights, youíll know that when we look at the starry sky on a clear dark night, we see countless stars covering every inch of the sky. But when we look at the sky above the earth, we see a vast emptiness between our earth and the nearest neighboring star.
If we let our mind think about this, we realize that even though the stars seem close to each other far, far up in the sky, they cannot really be that close together. If they were, we would see stars in our own sky above the earth, as close as the moon.
The truth is the nearest star to our sun is about 32 trillion miles away. This tells us all the stars above, even though they seem close to each other, must be separated by about the same distance as well. Itís like looking at the lights of a distant city. They seem closely packed together, but when I reach the city, I realize that there is plenty of space between the lights. Looking from a distance gives the illusion that they are close together. The same is true with the stars. Our intuition tells us that if we could travel to one of the many stars above, we would discover that it sits alone in the sky just like our sun, separated from its nearest neighbor by about the same distance of 32 trillion miles.
This begins to give us an idea of the size of the universe. But let us continue with this thought. What can we consider as a model of the universe?
The universe is made of countless solar systems. The earth is made of countless atoms.
Solar systems and atoms are identical differing only in size.
If the universe is made of star systems, which are identical to atoms, and the earth is made of atoms, which are identical to star systems, then the earth must be identical to the universe, only much smaller. As above, so below.
Our mind concludes that the earth is a mini-universe. Its stars are the atoms that make it up.
Here is the full cycle of creation. We start with the electron, then atoms, then the earth and other planets, then the solar system and other star systems, then the universe. That is going from the bottom to the top, the smallest to the largest, the beginning to the end.
But a full cycle has the same beginning and end point. What does our intuition tell us?
It tells us the beginning point, the electron, is the same as the end point, the universe. We have come full circle. The electron is a mini-earth, the earth is a mini-universe. As above, so below.
How can we find out the size of the universe? By knowing the size of the earth!
How many stars are in the universe? Same number as atoms in the earth. The law of creation is the same.


The Stars are separated from each other by about 32 trillion miles, according to modern scientists. We'll use this number to find out by how much the atoms in the earth are separated from each other. The proportion is the same, because the earth is a mini-universe.
Let's look at this again.
The Solar System is 7,900 million miles in size. It's separated from it's neighbors by 32 trillion miles. How many Solar Systems would fit in this distance if we could line them up from the sun all the way to the next star? The answer is: 32 trillion miles/7,900 million miles = 4,000.
We may call this the proportion of separation.
That means 4,000 star systems will fit in the distance separating two stars. How many atoms will fit in the distance separating two atoms? 4,000. The same law applies. As above, so below.
It's clear that most of the sky consists of empty space. The distance between any two neighboring stars is so large that it can accommodate 4,000 star systems, and yet there are only two stars in that whole distance. The rest is empty space. We may think of each star system as sitting at the center of a huge bubble of empty space 32 trillion miles across. It's like that with every star system throughout the entire universe, if our intuition is correct that all star systems are separated from each other by about the same distance .
The same is true then for the earth and its atoms. Most of the volume of the earth is empty space, because 4,000 atoms can fit in the space between any two atoms.
Now we must let our minds be free to think clearly. When we say that most of the volume of the earth is empty space, someone might ask , "why don't we fall through this empty space?"
We can fall through the empty space between stars, but not that between atoms. These are microscopic spaces. The atoms themselves are even more microscopic, being 4,000 times smaller. That's what we mean when we say the earth is mostly empty space. The atoms are so tiny compared to the space between them that they occupy very little of the earth's total volume.
So yes, the earth is made of mostly empty space just like the sky, but no, we cannot fall through.
If the stars are separated by 32 trillion miles, by how much are the atoms separated?
The proportion of separation is the same; it's 4,000.
The size of the atom is 1/4 millionth of an inch across. Multiplying this by the proportion of separation , we get
1/4 millionth inch x 4,000 = 1 thousandth of an inch.
Therefore any two atoms are separated by 1 thousandth of an inch, just like any two stars are separated by 32 trillion miles. Now we are closer to finding out the size of the universe. We just have to find out how many atoms make up the earth, and that will tell us how many stars make up the universe.
The law of creation has made an earth whose size we can handle and use to understand the universe, whose size we cannot handle so easily.


The size of the earth, the size of the universe.

How many atoms make up the earth? We can calculate the volume of the atom, since we know its size, and then calculate the volume of the earth, and divide the second by the first to find the number of atoms. But that would be incorrect because it would ignore most of the insides of the earth, which is mostly empty space, as we already saw. A correct way is to calculate the volume of this empty space, and ignore the volume of the atom, which is much smaller.
Remember, the empty space between atoms is 4,000 times larger than the atom itself.
Some people who are more mathematically inclined might suggest that we take both the volume of the atom and the empty space and add them together and use that number in our calculation. That would be right, the answer would be absolutely correct. But consider this: The atom is 4,000 times smaller than the space between atoms. If we ignore its size to simplify the calculation, it is exactly like someone saying, "I have $40 in my pocket", when in fact he has $40 and one penny. Ignoring the penny simplifies matters. A penny is 4,000 times less than $40, and can be ignored without affecting the final answer. Similarly, the atom is 4,000 times smaller than the separating space, and its size may be ignored for the sake of simplicity without affecting the final answer.
I mention this now in such great detail because we will face this situation time and again when we begin to deal with larger numbers. Although it is possible to make 100% correct calculations, most of the time it's better to make a calculation that is 99% accurate for the sake of simplicity and understanding. Once understanding is reached, anyone can then go back and improve the accuracy of the calculation.So much for that.The empty space between atoms, as already said, has a size of 1 thousandth of an inch, which we change to miles, and get 16 billionths of a mile.
It makes a volume of:
16 billionths x 16 billionths x 16 billionths = 4 trillionths trillionths.
The earth is 7,900 miles across. It makes a volume of:
7,900 x 7,900 x 7,900 = 1/2 trillion.
Dividing the second volume by the first will give us the number of atoms inside the earth.
1/2 trillion/4 trillionths trillionths = 125 billion trillion trillion.
A very large number, to say the least.
Therefore there are 125 billion trillion trillion atoms inside the earth.
Now someone might be wondering about this matter of dividing volumes and not understanding how it gives us the number of atoms.
Let us step aside for a moment and think of a common everyday example.
A drop of water dripping out of a faucet is about 1/4 inch across. There's a cup shaped like a ball underneath the faucet, catching the water, or maybe there's a tennis ball there instead, with a small hole in it. A tennis ball is about 4 inches across (maybe smaller). The water drips until it fills the tennis ball. If you come in right at the end of this little experiment of ours, and you see the last drop falling in, and I ask you, "How many drops did it take to fill the ball?", how will you calculate it?
You have to use volumes because the water, once the ball is filled, will have the same volume as the tennis ball. If you divide this volume by the volume of one droplet, that will tell you how many drops it took to fill the container.
So here goes:
A drop of water is 1/4 inch across. It makes a volume of:
1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 = 0.015625.
A tennis ball is 4 inches across. It makes a volume of:
4 x 4 x 4 = 64
64/0.015625 = 4,096.
Therefore there are 4,096 drops of water inside the tennis ball.
Now imagine the drop of water coming out of a tiny syringe needle. Let's say this droplet is only 1 thousandth of an inch across (of course, in reality the droplet is bigger, but you know where I'm going with this).
Now these droplets coming out of the needle are dripping into a ball as before.
A much bigger ball.
In fact (surprise, surprise), the ball is exactly 7,900 miles across, the same size as the earth!
How many droplets will it take to fill the earth-ball? Here goes again:
The droplet is 1 thousandth of an inch across, which is 16 billionths of a mile. It makes a volume of:
16 billionths x 16 billionths x 16 billionths = 4 trillionths trillionths.
The earth-ball is 7,900 miles across. It makes a volume of:
7,900 x 7,900 x 7,900 = 1/2 trillion.
1/2 trillion/ 4 trillionths trillionths = 125 billion trillion trillion.
That's how many droplets are inside the earth-ball. The tiny droplet represents the bubble of empty space surrounding a single atom. At the center of this bubble or droplet is the atom itself, 4,000 times smaller than the droplet in size.
How many atoms are inside the earth-ball? Same number as droplets, because there's one atom at the center of each.
Hence we conclude again that the total number of atoms inside the earth is 125 billion trillion trillion. How many stars are in the universe?


There are 125 billion trillion trillion atoms in the earth. How many stars are there in the universe?
125 billion trillion trillion. Same number as atoms in the earth. As below, so above.
The earth is a model of the universe that God presents to us to enable us to comprehend the universe and its stars. For the earth, the atoms are its stars.
How big is the universe?
We can find the answer by asking, how big is the earth? And what is its proportion of size in relation to the atom? In other words, how much bigger than the atom is the earth?
The atom is 1/4 millionth of an inch across, which in miles is 4 trillionths.
The earth is 7,900 miles across.
The proportion of size is 7,900/4 trillionths = 2,000 trillion.
That means the earth is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the atom.
What this tells us, according to the law, is that the universe is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the solar system.
So its size is 2,000 trillion x 7,900 million = 16 trillion trillion.
The universe is 16 trillion trillion miles across and has 125 billion trillion trillion stars.
The earth is 7,900 miles across and has 125 billion trillion trillion atoms.

The creation of the universe

We must ignore the lies of modern scientists if we are to discover the truth about the creation of the universe. They say that 4.5 billion years ago there was a huge kaboom. A big bang.
Our Ancestors never mentioned any bang, big or small. Ignore the bang and consider this:
The law of creation is the law of cycles, which says the end point is the same as the beginning point, and the cycle repeats. A flower starts with a seed and ends with a seed, so that it may start again and continue forever.
The cycle starts with the electron and ends with the universe. It ends where it began, so that it may start again and continue, without beginning and without end.
If the earth is a mini-universe, is it not intuitive to think that it was a full universe at the beginning? And if the electron is a mini-earth, could it not have been a full earth also?
If the universe is made of star systems and star systems are made of atoms, does that not say atoms are the original star systems of the beginning?
The present universe originated from the universe of the past, and that one from the one before. There never was a time when a universe did not exist.
Just as people are born of people, and flowers come from flowers, so also do universes come from universes. There is no beginning and no end. It has always been, and ever shall be.
Our Ancestors teach the story of creation as follows:
Long, long ago the earth was a full-size universe. Its present atoms were the stars of that universe, and they were 125 billion trillion trillion in number, filling space farther than the eye could see, stretching across that universe, which was 16 trillion trillion miles across.
Just like every flower grows in its season and reaches full maturity, the universe has its season also, called its duration. At the end it reaches full maturity.
When that universe of our Ancestors reached full maturity, it was time for it to give birth to a new universe, to continue the cycle of creation.
Just as a flower folds itself into a tiny seed, which later unfolds into a full-fledged flower, so did the previous universe fold into a single earth. God, whose Mind is infinite, and to whom star systems are as atoms in size, gathered all these stars into a single sphere which became our earth. The stars of that entire previous universe became the atoms of the new earth.
That is how the first earth of a new universe is always created. Then new stars filled the space around that earth, and our universe came into being.
There is no big bang in the creation of a new universe, just as there is none in the growth of a flower. When it is time to create a new universe, God simply expands His Mind until the whole universe appears to be the size of a single earth. At that point the stars appear to be the size of atoms. The whole universe becomes one earth, and new stars are created all around it.
Not only are the atoms of our earth identical to star systems, but they were actually the star systems of that universe of our Ancestors. Our electrons were Their planets on which they lived. When the purpose of that universe was completed, the Minds of our Ancestors expanded to an unimaginable extent, such that They could see the entire universe as a single sphere the size of our earth. That sphere became our earth and our Ancestors made themselves new bodies from its substance. They became its first Inhabitants. They are the Original People called the First Gods. We, as Black people, are Their descendants. Our lineage stretches all the way back to Them.
That is the story of how They created our universe.
Here's a question to consider. If all the stars of the previous universe are used to form the first earth, where do all the new stars around it come from?


Next, we will investigate chemistry, and see how it is related to physics and astronomy. But for now, let us sidetrack for a moment from Roots Science so we may hear a story.
This is a story from our Ancestors about their world before the light-skinned races. Yes, Black people, there was a time when we were the only people on earth. Those are the times in which the events of this story took place. Not just any story, but His story. True History.
To understand true history, we first have to know the most fundamental of all fundamental things. This is what our Ancestors say:
In the beginning and end of every universe - now remember, Creation has no beginning or end, but universes have a beginning and end, because every universe is created for a purpose. When that purpose is fulfilled, Creation continues to create the next universe.
So they say at the beginning and end of every universe there is only One Person.
How many Black people are there on earth today? Over a billion?
A billion separate, individual minds means we are divided. In the beginning, we are told, there is no division.
Now this doesn't mean that there is only one human being on earth. There are just as many individuals as there are today, but we are united as One in mind.
That means every person knows every other person as he knows himself.
More than that. Every person is every other person. That is Divine Unity.
The reason for mentioning this is because the story we are about to tell is about the organization of the ancient Society, which started from Unity.
It goes that long, long ago, when the first earth had just been completed, at the beginning of this universe, God came as One from the previous universe. That universe had just reached the completion of its purpose, and a new universe, ours, was just beginning.
God then divided His Mind from Unity, or one to two. From two He divided again and became three. From 3 He became 7 and from 7 He became 12 Gods.
Another day we'll hear as to why He went this long route instead of going directly from 1 to 12. But 12 is the crucial number because it has to do with how the original Society was organized.
You probably guessed it. The 12 Gods represent the 12 Tribes of the Original Nation.
The only 12 tribes we hear about today are the jews. Where did they get that from? They certainly did not originate it. They got it from the Originators of True Civilization, our Ancestors.
Each one of the 12 Gods, as Gods like to do, separated into a man and a woman. They became the 24 original Kings and Queens of our Nation, called the 24 Elders. Every two, a man and a woman, became the leaders of a Tribe and as Black people like to do, they called them the Mother and Father of the Tribe.
The 24 Elders decided they needed assistants to help them lead the Nation that was soon to come, as they planned to have a population of more than 1 billion people. They decided that each God will have 12 assistants.
This number 12 is not arbitrary. Our Ancestors say that nothing the Ancients did was arbitrary. Everything they did was totally natural and simple. Therefore everything has a logical and simple reason.
Anyone who tells you that there are mystical things reserved only for the "spiritually evolved" is either a deceiver (i.e. yt) or has come under the influence of deceivers (i.e. yt).
Each God, as we said, chose to have 12 assistants. They are called the 144 Chiefs. The Elders then divided each Tribe into 6 Clans and put 2 Chiefs at the head of each one, a man and his wife. (Are you surprised that a woman could be a Chief? We are taught to believe that women are not the equals of men. After all, didn't they come from our rib?)
So a man and a woman became the joint Chiefs of each Clan. There were 72 Clans in the whole Nation.
Here's a mystery that ceased to be a mystery for me as soon as I learned it.
Every Black person, without exception, came about exactly as the 24 Elders did. If you remember, I said the 24 Elders were originally 12 Gods and each God separated into a man and a woman. We are told that this happens with every two Black people on earth, brothers and sisters. Before you became a brother or a sister, you were united as One with another. You then separated to be born as a boy and she as a girl.
Have you ever wondered about the mystery of soul mates, or love at first sight?



We were saying the Original Person became twelve Gods, who then each became a man and a woman. They are called the 24 Elders. In order to rule the Nation efficiently, the 12 Gods chose 12 assistants each, called the 144 Chiefs. Two Chiefs, a man and his wife, are the heads of every clan, and there are 72 clans, 6 in every tribe.
We were also saying every Black person has a complement. A complement is a person who completes you. You may think as a man or a woman you are a complete person. But we are taught otherwise.
We are taught the true meaning of the childish story about Eve coming from the rib of Adam. Although Adam and Eve refer to the light races, the part about the rib points to the way in which people are born on earth.
Every two people of opposite gender are united as one in mind before birth. When they are born, they separate, one being born as a baby boy and the other somewhere else as a baby girl. To the immature mind of white people, who are but yesterday's children compared to the eternalness of Black people, the story of the separation of one mind into two was explained to them in a sort of picture-book manner appropriate to the level of their mentality. They were taught that Eve came from the rib of Adam (or Adam from the rib of Eve, because the separation can be looked at either way).
Every man is incomplete without a woman, and every woman is incomplete without a man.
Each one becomes complete when he or she unites with his or her complement.
This is Divine Love, as opposed to fleshly or material love.
Now I'm not passing judgment on love. I'm not qualified to do that, nor is anyone else. I'm simply stating facts as they are known to me, so please bear with me. This question of complements is important for the understanding of why the ancient society was organized the way it was.
To continue.
The 144 Chiefs were given 1,000 assistants each, and the total number of people on earth became 144,000, plus the 144 Chiefs and the 24 Elders.
This number 144,000 is called the foundation number of a population. It is the number used to found or start a society. It is the base from which the population increases until it reaches a stable maximum.
The 144,000 people are called Judges. They become the local leaders of each town. They do not pass judgment on people. No one passes judgment on Black people. The concept of judgment and punishment is a modern concept used by the archdeceivers to rule and oppress effectively, since they cannot rule any other way.
The reason they are called Judges has to do with the purpose of the universe. They pass judgment on the state of the universe at periodic intervals, as to how far it has come in the achievement of its purpose. (We'll explain in more detail later.)
The Judges head every town in complementary pairs as well, a wife and husband being the two Judges of each town. There were originally 72,000 towns, 6,000 in every tribe.
This was a Nation, brothers and sisters. It was serious business and serious organization. Black people filled the whole earth before yt came along. Don't buy into the lie that Black people were only in Africa, and yt etc discovered the rest of the world. Not true.
We had 12 separate countries spread over the whole earth, from Asia to Africa to the Americas and Europe.
Yes, even Europe. There was a time when the climate there was not icy cold as it is today. Black people lived there and left the same type of monuments everywhere they lived. Take a look at the monuments of Egypt which- it is finally admitted, were built by Black people, after many centuries of reluctance. (This reluctance persisted for centuries despite the fact that Herodotus, the father of Caucasian history stated very clearly 2,500 years ago that the ancient Egyptians were nappy hair midnight-skin Black people. And how did he know? He went there while Black people were still living there and ruling their own country. In those days, Egypt was to the whole world what America is today. Everybody who was anybody went there for learning, culture, fortune and fame, just as people today come to America from all over the world. It was taken for granted then, just as it is today among whites, that Black people were the most advanced people on earth. Herodotus says so without shame. Whites in those days were still in the infancy of developing their sense of superiority, which is now fully mature, albeit completely false.)
Take a look at the monuments of ancient Egypt as an example of what our people built. Then search all over the world for similar monuments, and you'll find them on every continent. If you want to find where Americans have been in the world, don't you look for McDonalds, Kentucky Fried and Ford automobiles? Those are yt's modern monuments that he leaves behind everywhere he goes. Black people left behind much more enduring monuments everywhere they lived. When you see megalithic stone structures so large that white people today look at them and say, "How did they do that?", know without doubt when you see these monuments anywhere on earth that Black people once lived there. This is true of Stonehenge in Britain, others in Europe and Asia, and the great walls in Central and South America, even in North America; i.e. all over the world.



The ancient society had 12 countries spread over the whole earth. Each country was divided into 6 clans; each clan was further divided into 100 districts, and each district had 10 towns. Each town was led by 2 Judges and there were 144,000 Judges in total, as we have already said.
Each Judge was given 1,000 people to lead and the population became 144,000,000.
The 24 Elders then said to all the people, "Multiply and fill the earth. You will live for 7,000 years. Every person will replace himself or herself before passing."
That is, each married couple will have two children.
Here's where it becomes difficult for us Black people to accept who we really are. We say, "How can a person live for 7,000 years? After all, doesn't yt teach us that the whole creation is barely 6,000 years old?" (Rather, that's half of yt saying that, the half calling themselves creationists. The other half, when you think about it, say the same thing in different words. They say there were only apes before and modern people, who they call homo sapiens, are only some thousands of years old. Same story, same lie.)
But going back to the question of lifespan; doesn't it say in ancient writings that man's lifespan was much longer than it is today, lasting about 1,000 years? If it was 1,000 years 6,000 years ago, and declined, couldn't it have decreased from a much longer span?
Our teachers say the normal lifespan of a Black person is 7,000 years. They give a reason why that is so. We'll explain the reasons at another time.
After the Gods said multiply and fill the earth, every person found his or her soul mate, got married and had 2 children.
After 1,000 years the population had doubled.
The children grew up, became mature and responsible adults, got married and had two children each, just like their parents.
They had a restriction on population growth, restricting each couple to only two children.
A justly organized society must have population control. That is the only way for long-lived people to avoid over-population.
You'll notice I said a justly organized society. Modern society is not justly organized. Its organization favors the light races, so population control is a negative word. More than that, it's an evil concept in the hands of white people, designed to try and exterminate the Black population. The ancients called it population stabilization, and it's the polar opposite of population control as it is practiced today. The first is to foster a comfortable life, and the latter is used to fuel genocide.
But to continue. After the children had their children, the population tripled. The grandchildren grew up and gave birth to the 4th generation.
The 4th generation gave birth to the 5th.
The 5th gave birth to the 6th.
The 6th gave birth to the 7th, and the total population, starting with the first generation of 144,000,000, was now 7 x 144,000,000, or 1,008,000,000.
6,000 years had passed since the beginning.
This became the fixed and stable population of the Nation, because when the next generation of 144,000,000 was born, the first generation passed away, having lived 7,000 years.
That is how our society began, and this part of our history is called, "How God became 1 billion eight million people."
These are the same 1B8M individual Black people alive today. That's you and me. We are at the end of a cycle called the cycle of yt. We are soon to begin a new cycle where the society returns to its original organization under the leadership of the 24 Kings and Queens.



We will pick up later where we left off with the ancient history of our people. Some events in the history require the understanding of more scientific concepts. So we continue now with an ancient perspective on chemistry, using modern concepts.
We have already explained that physics and astronomy are the same. The first deals with atoms and electrons, while the latter deals with stars and planets. Atoms and electrons are tiny stars and planets. Not metaphorically, but in actual fact. They are the star systems of the previous universe that became the seed that gave birth to the present universe. That is how God expands His mind outside of eternity, and simultaneously increases the creation. Not by a big bang, but as naturally as a flower grows from a seed.
The law of creation is: As above, so below. By studying one, we will know the other, because what is above is identical to what is below, differing only in size. The laws and proportions are identical.
The next question then to be answered is: What is chemistry? Is it related to physics/astronomy?
Chemistry is the understanding of how atoms combine to form compounds, using the magnetic laws of attraction.
Compounds are things like water, air, fake nails, rocks, jell-o, and gold teeth. They are all made of atoms combining or compounding with each other according to two basic laws of attraction called the first magnetic law of attraction and the second magnetic law of attraction.
Modern scientists have discovered the basic natural elements. They then added artificial elements to the list to make up what they call their periodic table of elements. The periodic table of elements is a list of all the basic natural elements found on earth.
Basic natural elements are naturally occurring elements, i.e. not man-made, after being reduced to their simplest form.
All that I have said so far may sound complicated. I did that on purpose to expose you, if you have never been exposed before, to how modern scientists teach and complicate simple things.
Here is another way:
Atoms are solar systems of the previous universe. Each solar system has planets circling around a sun. Each sun has either 1 planet, 2 planets, 3 planets and so on up to 100 planets circling around.
I'll repeat in case modern scientists think my tongue slipped.
There are solar systems with 100 planets circling their sun, others with 99, some with 98 and so on all the way down to the smallest solar systems, which have only 1 planet orbiting its sun. That makes 100 different kinds of solar systems.
On earth, there are exactly 100 basic natural elements. Do you make the connection?
When the first earth of a new universe is created, the star systems of the previous universe become the atoms of that first earth. In that previous universe, there are countless trillions of what can be called type 1 star systems. Those are star systems with only 1 planet. Then there are countless trillions with 2 planets, or type 2. Similarly, there are countless trillions of type3, type 4 and so on, up to type 100, which are the largest star systems having 100 planets.
The first law of magnetic attraction attracts the star systems of the same type to each other. That is, type 1 stars are attracted to other type 1, type 2 to type 2 and so on. Toward the end of the universe, the star systems actually move through space over a period of trillions of years until they find each other and group together in clusters.
Those with 1 planet form clusters that are described by modern scientists as having a nucleus and 1 electron, i.e. the sun and the single planet.
When trillions of these star systems cluster together they form a natural element on earth called hydrogen.
What is hydrogen?
Them: It's a gas made of atoms with 1 electron circling a nucleus.
Us: It's a gas made of star systems of the previous universe, all of which have 1 planet circling the sun.
What is a gold tooth?
Them: It's a metal made of atoms that have 79 electrons orbiting the nucleus.
Us: It's a metal made of star systems from the previous universe with 79 planets circling their sun.



How are the star systems brought together to form hydrogen, gold and the rest of the natural elements?
By the first law of magnetic attraction.
How does this law work?
It brings together all star systems that are alike, causing them to find each other.
So here's a question:
Which clusters of star systems will have a stronger magnetic bond; those with 1 planet or 100 planets?
Those with 100 planets. There are more planets to form magnetic bonds, so they'll be held together more strongly. Not only that, but theyíll be packed closer together, and thirdly, they'll be much heavier.
Therefore iron, gold and the other heavy metals will sink into the new earth, while hydrogen, oxygen and other gases will float on top, forming water and the atmosphere. The gases are much lighter and loosely bonded, due to the fewer number of planets, while the metals are much heavier, with stronger bonds due to the large number of planets in their star systems (atoms).
And all this happens because of the first law of magnetic attraction, which attracts like to like.
What about the second law?
The second law of magnetic attraction attracts unlike to unlike.
Star systems are also attracted to those unlike them, those having a different number of planets, and they form what are called molecules. A molecule is made of two or more star systems, and many molecules cluster together to form compounds.
What is a water molecule?
Them: It's hydrogen + hydrogen + oxygen, or H
Us: It is made of two star systems, each with 1 planet (called hydrogen) being magnetically attracted to a third system with 8 planets (called oxygen).
In how many different ways does the first law of magnetic attraction work?
In exactly 100 different ways.
It attracts all type 1 star systems together, and it attracts all type 2's together and so on until it attracts all type 100's together.
That's exactly 100 different ways.
That's why there are exactly 100 basic natural elements on earth. They are listed in the periodic table of elements that can be found in any chemistry textbook. They start with hydrogen (1 planet), followed by helium (2 planets), all the way to fermium (100 planets, or as they say, 100 electrons). The rest over 100 are artificial elements either man-made, or ephemeral natural combinations (i.e. temporary elements that disintegrate almost immediately as soon as they are exposed to the air and warm temperature).
In how many different ways does the second law work?
In almost endless ways. That's why we have shoes, coca-cola, aspirin, iron oxide, water, and fake nails, all made from the basic natural elements combining in one way or another.
Now here's a question that has been asked before:
In a new universe, if all the stars of the previous universe are used as atoms to form the first earth, how are all the new stars around it formed? Where does the material come from to form all the new stars?
We have talked about the clustering together of the 100 different types of solar systems, attracted like to like by means of the first law of magnetic attraction. They form the hundred basic natural elements found on earth.
The first of these is hydrogen, formed by all star systems having 1 planet and its sun. The last is fermium, bonded much more strongly, and so much heavier that it when the earth is formed, these clusters of 100-planet systems will sink into the earth, burying themselves deep in the crust after the earth has cooled over billions of years.
Indeed it takes billions of years for the earth to form. It takes trillions upon trillions more for the universe to be filled with new stars that form around the first earth and fill space up to a distance of 16 trillion trillion miles across.
Where do these new stars come from? All the stars of the previous universe are used to make only the first earth, giving it its 125 billion trillion trillion atoms. And yet the earth has its sun and companion planets, not to mention the countless stars filling the sky.
Here is their theory of where the stars come from. They (modern scientists) say a moment before the big bang the whole universe was concentrated into a dense ball not bigger than a fist. They say the dense ball exploded with such great force that it formed all the stars and planets of the whole universe.
That is the complete theory of the big bang.
How many people believe it?
How many of them do you think believe their own theory?
Our ancestors tell a completely different story of how the sky is filled with new stars, thereby expanding the universe.
They say the purpose of creation is for God to increase.
God is infinite.
So how can God increase if He's already infinite?
Our teachers tell us that God is infinite only in eternity, but not in creation. One of the purposes of creation is to duplicate this infinity of God as it is known in eternity, and bring it into the universe. Since infinity means unfinishable, creation will go on forever because the eternal infinity of God cannot be duplicated in a final and finished form.
Therefore the universes will always expand. Every new universe will be larger than the one before, without end.
What does this mean in terms of new stars?
It means new stars must be created out of nothing. If they are created out of something, as in the case of a dense ball exploding, there is no increase. If you start with a dense ball and explode it all over the place, you still have only the same amount of matter you started with. Increase only happens when new matter comes out of nothing, adding to what was already there. Therefore, according to our teachers, that is one of the reasons why the big bang theory is a false, misguided concept.
So how does matter come out of nothing?
Chemistry as we have explained it using modern concepts only deals with 3 types of matter called gases, liquids, and solids. There are 4 other types of substances above these 3, which modern chemistry does not include in its study. The total number of substances in the universe is 7.
The first substance of the universe is magnetism, and it's created by condensation.
Condensation of what?
Condensation of the Mind.
God condenses part of His Mind, which is in an expanded state, and forms the first substance, magnetism. Magnetism condenses further and forms the second substance, called electricity. Electricity condenses into light, the third substance of the universe, which further condenses into the fourth substance, called ether or space. The last 3 substances, gases, liquids, and solids condense in three stages out of the ether.
Those are the 7 substances of the universe, all coming out of nothing, or the Mind of God.



When we say the mind of God is nothing, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  It means the mind is not a thing.  It's obvious to everyone that the mind, or consciousness, is not a tangible thing, yet it is the source of all things.
At the end of the previous universe, our ancestors expanded their mind beyond measure until it encompassed their whole universe.  That process of expansion caused an apparent "contraction" of their universe until it was "reduced" to the size of a single planet.  The universe was not reduced in reality, but when the mind is expanding, it appears as if the universe is "contracting".
The apparent "contraction" of the universe was not followed by a big bang or any other kind of explosion.  It was followed by a condensation process, where part of the expanded mind condensed in stages in the empty space surrounding the new earth, creating the seven substances, which eventually formed the new stars after many trillions of years.
Now since space itself is a substance, it means the mind creates space at the same time it occupies that very space.
Stars are the condensation of the mind of our ancestors who came from the previous universe.  They increase their own mind by expansion, which simultaneously causes the creation to increase as well.  That is how God increases himself in creation to make himself like he is in eternity.
How do the ancestors cause their mind to expand?
The answer to this question is 90% of the subject and reason for these discussions.  The achievement of this mind expansion is the primary purpose of the universe.  Everything we will discuss concerning the activities of our ancestors will be seen to be directed toward the achievement of this single purpose called mind unity, or mind expansion.
So we may say chemistry as it is taught today is only 3/7 of what true chemistry really is.  It deals with only 3 of the 7 substances of the universe, ignoring the other 4.  It will never reach an understanding of the fundamental reasons for the existence of the basic elements and their combining into an endless variety of compounds.  Hence 99% of the concoctions that modern scientists brew in their laboratories will always be poisonous to the body and the environment.
But more importantly, they ignore the source of all substances, which is the mind.  All the basic natural elements are prepared at the beginning of the universe using the first law of magnetic attraction, the law of attracting like to like.
What is the source of the two magnetic laws?  The mind of our ancestors.
These laws are simply the decision of our ancestors to combine star systems in that particular way, so that their descendants can use them to form compounds they'll need to run their society.  To modern scientists the natural elements are just objects of chance that happened to form out of a chaotic chemical soup that came out of the big bang.
That is the essential difference between modern science and Blackroots science.  The minds of our ancestors are the Black roots of true science.  When they condense part of their mind to form the stars and planets, they leave "instructions" that become part of the condensation.  Over the trillions of years the stars will be inwardly impelled to seek each other magnetically and then combine according to those "instructions".  Therefore matter is "pre-programmed", for lack of a better word.
For that reason, moderners (the light races) will never be able to master matter.  Matter can be mastered only by those who created it and their descendants, because the mind of our ancestors became our minds by a process of separation.  Our minds will once again become one mind by a process of unity.
I hope this will suffice as an introduction to Blackroots chemistry and physics/astronomy.  
Next we'll begin a discussion of the third science, biology/genetics, and find out how the ancient people view this subject from their perspective.




In the ancient society, children were not taught as children are taught in today's schools. They were not incarcerated in classrooms for hours on end, being denied the natural physical movement that all children crave, and the freedom to roam free for miles around and investigate everything.
Their education was not an intellectual indoctrination that today's education clearly is. Rather, it was education through experience, allowing all children to discover first-hand what adults already knew, all the while under their guidance.
Their teaching system was called initiation.
The education of young people was divided into segments of seven-year periods. At the end of each segment, they graduated as a group in their town or district or clan. Their graduations were called initiation festivals. They were large feasts with music and dancing, and the entire clan was invited.
They were taught biology from the age of about seven. The first lesson was to teach them the definition of biology. They asked many questions along the way, and their teachers answered every single one in a practical real life way.
In order to bring us close to their teaching situation, and in order to convey their knowledge as accurately as I can, I will narrate the following as if it is a discussion between me and one of the teachers, with me asking all the questions.
So the first question I would ask is:
What is biology?
It is the knowledge of how the plants and animals and the body of the Black man and woman were created.
How were the plants and animals created?
All the species of plants and animals that exist on earth today developed from the 144,000 original prototypes.
What are the 144,000 original prototypes?
They are the 144,000 parts of the Black person's character.
They include courage, wisdom, goodness, strength, grace, honesty, authority, gentleness, abundance, beauty, friendliness, unlaziness, humor, and many, many more totaling 144,000. The vast majority of the parts or aspects of character do not have names in the English language. In the original languages, every aspect has two names, one for the animal and one for the plant. One original plant and one original animal were created for each aspect of your character.
So every aspect of a Black person's character is represented by a plant or animal?
Yes. But only the original plants and animals represent character. All the other millions of species develop from these original prototypes.
What about the body of the Black person? How was it created?
Originally the 144,000 characters were united as one character and it had a form. That form is the body of the Black man and woman. The two bodies differ because while many of the aspects are neutral, a large number of them are more masculine, and the same number are more feminine, although both men and women have all 144,000.
Then after the aspects were united as one in the human body, they were then separated into 144,000 individual parts and each part was given a form. Those forms became the original plants and animals.
Where are these prototype plants and animals?
They are in the custody of the 144,000 Judges.
Where? Right here on earth?
They were, yes. And they will be again soon. They are temporarily removed to a safe place for a cycle. When the present cycle comes to an end, they will be returned to their original place.



Are they edible?  Are they like chickens and cows and fruits?
None of the animals are used for food.  Some of the plants are edible.  All the prototype plants used for food are called the trees of life.  They are used by the leaders to prolong their lives beyond the normal 7,000-year lifespan.  The Elders live for over 700,000 years using the trees of life as nourishment.
Can anyone really live that long? Believe it.  You'll soon witness it.
What causes sickness?  Are there separate causes for every illness, or is there one genetic reason why people become ill?
This may sound strange to most people, but among the people of the Black Nation in their natural environment there is no sickness.
Sickness did not exist before 6,000 years ago, and will cease to exist after the end of this cycle.
All sickness is caused by neglecting some aspect of your character.  That will sound even stranger to all modern people who have been raised and educated to believe in the physical causes of illness alone.  Every illness is related to some aspect of your character.
The body is the unity of all aspects of character, and neglecting one or more of them results in illness in the corresponding part of the body.  Among our people in our natural environment there is no neglecting of any part of our character.  We also know the proper foods to eat and the right time to eat them.  So sickness does not have the slightest chance to exist.
Even the common cold?
Even the common cold.  Isn't it obvious that the common cold is caused by stress?  When the weather changes, especially from one season to the next, it exerts an external stress on the body.  If the body is already under the internal stress of modern life, then you easily become prey to viruses.  If you could remove all internal stress, thereby restoring that aspect of your character, external stresses would have no effect on you.
It's almost impossible to remove internal stress.  There's so much pressure in everyday modern life.
Yes.  This is the time for such things.  It wasn't always this way, nor will it remain like this for much longer.
I know you said to keep the questions to the present subject.  But you've mentioned the cycles before.  Can I ask you more about that?
We'll have enough time to discuss all the details concerning cycles, but first things first.
So all the people were taught about the aspects of character and how to stay healthy? Yes.
There are 10 festivals that we call life rituals.  During each one, the people are taught about the aspects.  The character of every individual develops in a timely manner starting from childhood.  The first 7,000 aspects of character are taught to children from the age of 7 until they are 14 years old.  The "school system" is set up such that they attend the rituals 3 or 4 times a week for about 7 months of every year.  The attendance is not continuous, naturally.  They break during the planting and harvesting seasons and at other times.  As I already mentioned, the ancient calendar division had a week of 10 days, making 3 weeks to every month.  The twelve months have 30 days each, with 5 or 6 days added at the end of the year, depending on whether it's a regular or leap year.  This calendar is exactly as our ancestors, the ancient Egyptians, recorded it in their writings; they kept that system well into about 2,000 years ago.



(The teacher continues discussing the children's ritual of character development as it was in ancient days...)
When the children are in attendance, they don't sit in classrooms as modern children do. The lessons take place mostly outside in a natural setting.
In every ritual, they are taught about the character development of a person. They are taught each aspect is directly reflected in a specific part of the human body, and how each one created its plant and animal. The format of the lessons is somewhat like this:
First of all, children are never discouraged from indulging in their imaginary worlds. Everyone knows that young children have imaginary friends in imaginary worlds that are as real to them as you and me sitting here. They are encouraged to indulge in these worlds of the imagination to the utmost degree possible for their minds. As they grow older and eventually become adults, they retain this power of vivid imagination, having brought it under complete mental control under the guidance of their teachers. As a result, all adults have this power, but more so the teachers of rituals. They use this natural gift (to us it's a natural gift whereas to modern people it's a curse from which they must "disabuse" their children); the teachers take advantage of this gift and use it to impart their lessons.
They encourage all the children to create a common imaginary world. The teachers then magnify it with their own minds until it is clearly visible to every child. To all those modern people who have forgotten the imaginary worlds of their childhood, it's somewhat like a lucid dream, but wide-awake. Once all the children have entered this imaginary world, the teachers put in it about 7 of the original plants and animals, using their own imagination. They re-create them into this world the same way you intentionally create objects in your lucid dreams. The first 7 or so plants and animals they put in it correspond to those aspects of character that are the first to develop in a child, which are happiness, friendliness, activeness and so on, corresponding to the appropriate body parts like the heart, the eyes, the feet and so on.
Then the teachers create a situation in the imaginary worlds that leads, for example, to sadness in the children. They feel this sadness and immediately become sick in the corresponding part of the body, and they also notice the same effect on one of the animals and plants. The animal becomes sick and the plant begins to decay. They are then encouraged to remove the sadness and replace it with a happy situation. For example, if the sadness was caused by the older children taking the younger children's toys, they give them back, thus restoring their happiness. Because it all happens in the imagination, the animal and plant are immediately healed, and the sickness disappears from the children's bodies.
By the use of simple exercises such as these they are taught about the anatomy of the human body, and which body part corresponds to which aspect of their character, and which plant and animal were created from it. Because of the wisdom of the teachers, the imaginary situations come in endless variety, stimulating their young minds.
After 7 years they graduate in a ceremony that celebrates the first 7,000 aspects of character and their prototypes. They spend 40 days of the graduation period in a place whose name has come to present from the past as the garden of Eden. This was one of 12 such places on earth, one in each tribe's country.
Every country's garden of prototypes is in 10 sections. The first section has 7,000 prototypes of both plants and animals, corresponding to elementary education, or the first 7 years from age 7 to 14.
Every following section is larger than the one before, with more prototypes. The next nine sections have prototypes corresponding to the rest of the person's ritual education every 7 years until the age of 77. At this age, the personís character reaches full maturity and perfection.
At the elementary graduation festival the children see the perfect plants and animals for the first time, in their natural habitat. After the 40-day period, the ceremony concludes with the preparation of food from the trees of life that grow in that section. The festival is held at the clan capital. It's a huge celebration with children from a thousand towns all coming together at the capital for a week. There is music and dancing, and the whole clan is invited. For at least one day of that week, most citizens will make sure not to miss the opportunity to attend and enjoy the feast.



You said they are educated until the age of 77. What happens at that age?
They have a final graduation. All the graduates of the clan come together. They gather at the Chiefs' temple at the capital, in all 72 clans. 2,000 Judges welcome them there and guide them in the final ritual, called the ritual for the creation of life.
The graduating group and the Judges together make 144,000 people. They are led by the 2,000 Judges and the 2 Chiefs into a state of consciousness called Divine unity. We will talk at great length about this state of mind because it is the culmination of every major ritual of the Black Nation. It is fostered methodically from childhood, where it begins as shared childhood dreams during children's classes. It is then developed in 10 stages until its culmination at 77 years of age.
For now, suffice it to say that it is a state where all the people become one in mind. Their hearts and minds become single as if it were the heart and mind of one person, yet each one remaining as a distinct individual.
As soon as this Divine unity is attained by all, they proceed to raise from their hearts, which beat as one heart, every aspect of their character one at a time in the order they were taught beginning at childhood. When the first aspect has risen to fullness in the heart and mind of every man and woman, it takes form right before their mind's eye. As soon as they release it from their minds, two versions of it, a male and a female, flash into physical existence in the appropriate section of the garden of prototypes. Then they go onto the next one. They continue this way nonstop for 40 days and 40 nights, without eating, drinking, or sleeping. They completely lose sense of time and space, and all physical cravings like hunger and thirst. The state of Divine unity is such that it balances the body's physical energies for as long as a person is enraptured in it. They continue this way until they create all 144,000 prototypes, both plants and animals.
At the end of the 40-day period, they reach a climax of fully mature, perfect character, magnified many times by being united as one.
They have then perfected every aspect of their character and are considered from then on to be fully mature adults. They go on to take their places of responsibility in society.
That is the perspective from which we consider what modern scientists call biology. We look at it from above, as creators, whereas modern scientists look at it from below, as creatures.



1. What is physics?
It is the knowledge of the laws and principles of atoms and electrons.
2. What is astronomy?
It is the knowledge of the laws governing stars and planets.
3. What is the only difference between stars and atoms?
Size is the only difference. The laws and principles are the same.
4. What is the electron like, on a giant-size scale?
The earth is a giant-size electron.
5. What is the nucleus like, on a giant size scale?
The sun is a giant-sized nucleus.
5b. What is the atom like on a giant scale?
Our solar system is a giant atom.
6. What is the atom made of?
The atom itself is made of atoms.
7. Why will the fundamental particle of matter never be found by scientific instruments?
It will never be found by instruments because every atom is made of miniature atoms, themselves made of even smaller atoms, to infinity.

8. What is the size of the solar system?
The solar system is measured to be 7,900 million miles across.
9. What is the size of the earth?
Our earth is measured at only 7,900 miles across.
10.What is the size of the electron?
The electron has been measured at about ľ trillionth of an inch.
11.What is the size of the atom?
The atom at about ľ millionth of an inch across.
12.What is the law of creation?
The law of creation is: As above, so it is below.

BRS 3 & 4
13. What can be considered as a mini-earth; the electron or the atom?
The electron.
14. What can be considered as a mini-universe; the earth or the solar system?
The earth.
15. How can we find out the size of the universe?
By knowing the size of the earth.
16. What is the distance separating stars?
The Stars are separated from each other by about 32 trillion miles.
17. How many solar systems can fit in the distance separating stars?
4,000 star systems will fit in the distance separating two stars.
18. How many atoms can fit in the distance separating atoms?
19. Why are the answers to 17 and 18 the same?
The same law applies. As above, so below.
20. By how much are atoms separated?
Any two atoms are separated by 1 thousandth of an inch.

BRS 5 & 6
21. How many atoms make up the earth?
There are 125 billion trillion trillion atoms inside the earth.
22. How many stars make up the universe?
125 billion trillion trillion.
23. Why are the answers to 21 and 22 the same?
The same law applies. As above, so below.
24. How much bigger is the earth than the atom?
The earth is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the atom.
25. How much bigger is the universe than the solar system?
The universe is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the solar system.
26. Why are the answers to 24 and 25 the same?
The same law applies. As above, so below.
27. What is the size of the universe?
The universe is 16 trillion trillion miles across and has 125 billion trillion trillion stars.

28. Was the universe created by a huge explosion (big bang)?
29. What does the law of cycles say?
The law of creation is the law of cycles, which says the end point is the same as the beginning point, and the cycle repeats.
30. Where did the present universe originate?
The present universe originated from the previous one.
31. Where did the previous universe originate?
The previous universe originated from the one before.
32. When was the beginning?
There is no beginning and no end. It has always been, and ever shall be.
33. Where did the earth's atoms come from?
They were actually the star systems of that previous universe of our ancestors.
34. Who created our universe?
Our ancestors, the original People called the First Gods.


The Holy Trinity

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

The 24 Elders are called the Fathers and Mothers of the Nation. Each Elder is called Father by his tribe, and his wife, the Queen, is called Mother.
The 144 Chiefs are called the Sons and Daughters of the Elders. Each Chief is called the Son by his clan, and the co-Chief, his wife, is called the Daughter.
The 144,000 Judges are called the Holy Spirit, or Divine Life, by the residents of their town.

The three groups of our leaders, the Elders, Chiefs, and Judges, are called the highest Holy Trinity.
Their designation as the highest holy trinity comes from the following teaching:

We are taught that the true name of reality, or all of existence, is the holy trinity. At the beginning of creation that has no beginning, God created reality in the form of a triangle, or three-sided "form", or trinity. To this day, all reality is created in exactly the same way, every time. First God divided into two, and then into three, and when he/she became three, then reality, or all of existence in the universe, came into being. Since that moment, every event in reality, every action in life, every movement in the universe, every facet of life whatsoever, is in the form of the holy triangle.

We are taught that when a young girl sweeps the floor of her house, that event is in the form of the divine trinity. When a boy plays a drum or a woman dances to music, all those movements are in the form of the holy trinity, or triangle of reality.
In the case of the young girl, she is called the mother of her divine trinity. The clean floor that results from her sweeping is called the daughter of her divine trinity, and the act of sweeping is called her holy spirit.
The boy playing the drum is called the father of his actions. The music he brings into existence is called his son and the act of playing the drum is called his holy spirit.
The dancing woman is also the mother of her actions. The dance resulting from her actions is her daughter, and action of her swaying hips is called her holy spirit. To our ancestors, every action is holy, and is called the holy spirit.
When you type a message on the computer, that typing action is your holy spirit. The message you create is your son or daughter, and you are the father or mother of your holy trinity, or triangle of reality.
Every result of every action is called the son or daughter of its creator, and the individual creating it is its father or mother. This is called the divine trinity by means of which reality comes into existence.

All reality exists by the manifestation of the divine trinity in every universal event, however serious or mundane.

Reality manifests on the highest level as God (the Father/Mother), the universe (the son/daughter), and life (the holy spirit). So God, the universe, and life are the highest manifestation of the holy trinity, or triangle of existence.

The Holy Trinity is personified on the highest level in the persons of the 24 Elders as the Fathers/Mothers, the 144 Chiefs as the Sons/Daughters, and the 144,000 Judges as the Holy Spirit, or Custodians of Divine Life.
Our leaders are called the Highest Holy Trinity.

In addition, the Elders are called the Custodians of Divine Unity. (Divine means perfect, complete, whole or holy). Divine unity is another name for the oneness of God.
The 24 Elders are also called the home of eternity. When the singers compose their songs, they call them by many other names. The poets use even more names as they feel inspired to sing their praises. But of all the names of the Elders, the most popular and most beloved is simply Mother and Father. In the eternal language of the Black Nation, mother is Ma and father is Ra.

Ra and Ma, or simply RAMA.
That is the eternal name of God.

And it is by the will of God that reality manifests on earth in the form of the divine triangle.
That is the origin of the expression, "the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit", also called by our people, the Mother, the Daughter, and the Divine Life.


The true teachings of Jesus

Jesus came 2,000 years ago in order to re-introduce, among other things, the concept of the holy trinity.
Soon after he passed, the light-skinned races latched onto this concept and corrupted it beyond recognition. Today it is no more than a useless mystery, causing untold confusion as to who God really is.
But He taught other lessons as well. The events associated with his teachings are recorded reasonably accurately in the bible, but the teachings themselves are no longer discernible in the events. As I mentioned before, Jesus came into Palestine at a time when the misery and oppression of Black people living in the middle east was at an all-time high, coming from the Romans, Persians and every race that ever conquered Egypt and the middle east in those days.
He came to offer comfort to Black people, his people, and to remind them of their origins and everlasting glory, which they had forgotten over the passage of many centuries.
One thing he did not come to do was to start a religion or to be worshipped. Yet that was to be expected of the light races, as they have done the same thing with the four other mahdis or messiahs that came before him.
The first lesson he taught was that true love is mind and heart unity. True or divine love happens only when two or more people unite in mind and heart as one person. There is no other kind of real love. Any other kind is material or physical love, of which animals are also capable. He taught this by means of the statements, "I and the father are one" and "I will be there only when two or more of you are united in my name (i.e. in mind and heart unity)."
Jesus, as well as the 6 other mahdis that have been born, are said to have had a "virgin" birth.
Every person born on earth is born with two types of minds; a conscious and unconscious (or subconscious) mind. The unconscious mind is called ancestral memory by our people, and is called the "collective unconscious" by modern psychiatrists. This unconscious mind is not to be confused with suppressed memories. Suppressed memories, or what Freud mistakenly called the subconscious mind, is really part of the conscious mind. It was conscious at one point and became subconscious by being suppressed for various reasons, chief of which is self-preservation in the case where such memories cause trauma.
This type of suppressed memory is not subconscious or unconscious in all people. There are people who have what is called total recall. They never forget anything they have ever experienced. In Africa, such people are called griots, or reciters of tribal history.
True unconscious memory is a gift from our ancestors. It is a record of the lives of our ancestors going back to the beginning of the universe. In the case of the light races, their gift of ancestral memory, or their collective unconscious, only goes back 6,000 years, to their beginning point.
This unconscious mind or ancestral memory is always unconscious in each individual. On the other hand it is always conscious in the 24 Elders, who are the conscious mind of the Nation, or the custodians of eternal consciousness. But it is always unconscious in individuals. It was unconscious when it entered the individual's mind at conception, and remains unconscious until it is kindled by rituals of initiation.
Now it so happens that there are seven individuals who were born on earth with their ancestral memory being conscious from conception. These individuals, when they are born, are said to have had an immaculate conception, or a virgin birth.
The gift of ancestral memory, also called the mind of God, comes directly from the 24 Elders. When every individual is born on earth, the Elders send this incarnation or mind of God into that person by "detaching" it from themselves. When the Elders send the incarnation into a newly conceived baby without "detaching" it from themselves, then that ancestral memory becomes conscious in that individual, who is then united with the Elders. The person spontaneously becomes aware of it as soon as he reaches puberty. In Jesus' case this happened when he was 12 years old. Such an individual is sent on a mission by the Elders. By being born in unity with them, he is said to have had an immaculate or virgin birth. Jesus was one of seven such people in the last 6,000 years.
By divine love he meant this unity with the 2 Elders of his tribe, whom he called the Father and Mother. In teaching about true or divine love he said, "Be one with your neighbor even as I and the Father (Mother) are one." That is, people can experience divine love only by being united as one in mind and heart. He did not say, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself", but rather, "Love your neighbor as yourself", meaning you literally become your soul mate, and he/she becomes you, the two as one in divine unity. That was his first lesson.

The next lesson he taught was that in order to reach heaven, or the eternal state of mind in which the Elders live, the individual can only get there through the Son and by the help of the holy spirit, and no other way.
The Judges, the Chiefs, and the Elders form the steps of a pyramid of ascendance, with the Elders being the pinnacle or capstone, the final point of eternity. To climb to this pinnacle during the rituals of initiation, it is necessary that individuals do so with the help of the Judges and Chiefs. In each of the seven great rituals of the Black Nation, the people unite first with the minds of the 144,000 Judges, then with the 144 Chiefs, and only then are they able to reach the state of mind of the Elders. Any other direct way would result in failure, as the divine state of the Elders is too far up to reach without the help of the Chiefs and Judges, who are called the Son (Daughter) and the holy spirit. That is the meaning of the second teaching that one can enter heaven (divine unity) only through the Son (Daughter) and by the help of the holy spirit.
The third fact that Jesus came to remind Black people of is that the Black woman is God, just as perfectly as the Black man. Two thousand years ago Black people who lived in the middle east (especially in the region today called Israel and Palestine) had been under the influence of the light races for so long that they had adopted some of their oppressive customs, especially the evil custom of oppressing women. They believed the lie that the woman was made from the manís rib. People such as Paul "the apostle" and his followers did the most damage, after Jesus was gone, in furthering this lie. Jesus not only taught that the Black woman was the Black manís equal and soul mate without whom neither one is complete, but he actually demonstrated this truth in his relationship with Mary of Magdala. He developed a relationship of equality with this Black woman and elevated her to a status beyond even his male disciples. They were initially outraged by his attitude, but soon learned the truth they had forgotten.
Because of his unity with the Chiefs, Jesus also had what is called "supernatural" power, or power over the elements, as in the case of turning water into wine, quieting the seas and so on. He made use of these "miracles" to teach the lesson that Black people are not subject to the laws of nature, but rather the laws of nature are subject to, and originate from us. Our ancestors of his time, in the midst of their misery, had become superstitious and turned to worshipping natural forces in order to placate them. Such behavior was the result of centuries of ignorance and self-forgetfulness. By demonstrating total control of nature, he reminded them that all the laws and conditions of nature originate from the minds of the 144 Chiefs, who are the custodians of all universal conditions.
His fifth lesson had to do with the renewal of the laws of Moses, who came before him as the fourth messiah. Moses established many laws and customs that had been lost. After he passed, the light races turned his laws and customs into oppressive superstitions. Their leaders turned them into religious rituals with which they ruled and oppressed the masses, even as they do today in the superstitious religion called Judaism.
Jesus said he had come to fulfill the laws of Moses, meaning to re-establish them and explain their purpose. Their main purpose was to promote a clean, hygienic way of life, whereby people avoid disease through the proper treatment of their bodies, food, and animals. In addition, the laws served the purpose of promoting peaceful co-existence through the so-called "ten commandments". These two things, proper hygiene and proper social relations, lead to a healthy mind and body, and to peace, both of which are essential for the attainment of divine unity, which is the purpose of life. These simple laws had been corrupted beyond recognition, and Jesus simplified them in his fifth teaching.
His sixth lesson was about the origin, nature and destiny of the light races. He described to his disciples all that will happen when the rule of the light races comes to an end. His description of the end times was taken by the races and turned into the scenario of armageddon as it is well known today.
He also taught a seventh lesson which completed his mission on earth. I will discuss it at some other time, as it has to do with the process of ascension.


BlackRoots Science 17



What is Philosophy?
It is the knowledge of the purpose of creation and the purpose of life.

What is the purpose of creation?
It is for God to separate into individual Black people.

What is the purpose of life?
It is for individual Black people to unite into God.





Mathematics is the knowledge of the origin of numbers.
The numbers 1,2,3,7 and 12 came before all other numbers. They were closely followed by 5 and 10. These seven numbers are the parents of all other numbers. They are the only perfect and complete numbers. The rest are transitional or combinations of the seven. All systems in existence, natural or social, are the result of some combination of these seven primary numbers.
1 is the number of divine unity, the beginning and end of all things. 2 is the number of equality or soul mates, man and woman. 3 is the number of reality manifestation, called the holy trinity of doer, deed, and action. The origin of the other numbers will be explained in what follows.
All numbers lead to the most sacred of all numbers, which is one billion eight million, the number of Gods in the universe.
The billion eight million Gods are the creators of the universe. They (we) are the first Gods and the original people. The number 'one billion eight million' comes about the following way:
God begins as the divine unity of all Black people (in the beginning there were no non-Blacks. They were made much later from Black people).
God thus begins as unity. Then he/she divides and becomes two, represented by man and woman. From two he/she becomes three, represented by man, woman, and child on a personal level, and by the highest holy trinity of Elders, Chiefs, and Judges on the highest personal level. Also by the triad of doer, deed, and action, or father, son, and holy spirit (mother, daughter, and divine life) on the existential level. 'Existential' simply means how reality comes into being. It always comes into being in threes, or trinity of doer, deed, and action, as I explained in the post about the holy trinity.
From this three or trinity, God divides further and becomes 7, which is called the number of completion. This number belongs to all complete and perfect natural systems; for example the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven tones of music, the seven openings in the human head and so on. So all perfect and complete natural systems come in sevens, that's why seven is the number of completion. The reason it's seven is as follows:
First of all, all reality in the universe exists in the form of a trinity. The highest holy trinity is personified in the persons of the Elders, Chiefs, and Judges. They are the creators and custodians of all that exists. First are the Elders, who are the divine unity of God. Second are the Chiefs who are the creators and custodians of all physical conditions in the universe. Third are the Judges, who are the creators and custodians of all life. The universe consists of these three things: unity, physical energy, and life. They interact with each other in various ways and result in the endless number of things that make up all reality...



All of the things that make up reality are the combination of these 3 fundamental things; unity, energy, and life, personified in the persons of the Elders, Chiefs, and Judges. Thus whenever any major natural system is to be created, for example the colors of the rainbow, the highest holy trinity determine how it will manifest. The Elders are the highest of the three groups and have the first say in every major creation. Next are the Chiefs, then the Judges. So when the universe was being created, right at the very beginning when all was in darkness, the holy trinity came together to decide how it should all come about. The Elders spoke first, followed by the Chiefs, then the Judges. When all three have had a say, creation manifests the first three independent and primary manifestations. In terms of color, these are red, yellow, and blue. They are called the primary and independent colors because each one was created independently by each group of leaders. The Elders created the red color, the Chiefs yellow, and the Judges blue. Next the leaders collaborated to create what can be called secondary and dependent manifestations. First the Elders collaborated with the Chiefs, and their creativity resulted in a fourth manifestation, following the three primaries. In terms of color this was the combination of red and yellow, resulting in orange, which is a secondary color and the fourth manifestation. Then the Elders worked with the Judges and created the fifth type of creation. In terms of color this is the combination of red and blue, resulting in indigo. The Chiefs and Judges then created together and brought about the sixth manifestation. It's represented in color by the combination of yellow and blue, resulting in green. Then all three groups of leaders got together for the final type of creation, which brought about the seventh manifestation. In terms of color it's the combination of red, yellow, and blue, giving violet, the seventh color of the rainbow. As is clear from the combinations above, seven completes the total number of ways in which creations can be created, both independently (3 creations) and by collaboration (4 creations). Hence seven is called the number of completion. The example given using colors applies to all natural systems. That is the reason why there are seven basic colors, seven tones of music, seven great rituals of the Black nation and other numbers that are multiples of seven.
From 7 God divided further and became 12...



From 7 God became 12.
Just as 1 is the number of divine unity, 2 the number of soul mates, 3 the number of reality manifestation, and 7 the number of completion of natural systems, 12 is the number of societal relations. The purpose of all social relations is to cause mind expansion. From the most basic type of relationship between two people, to the most complex type among all 12 tribes and 72 clans, the social activities that go on have this expansion as the primary purpose. A conversation between two people results in the sharing of information, and if some of that information has some truth in it, it causes the conscious mind to gain something new it didn't have before. This increases knowledge and causes the mind to naturally expand. In a similar way but on a much larger scale the interactions that go on among the tribes also cause mind expansion. The ultimate form of mind and heart expansion comes from divine unity, where you share your whole being with another or others.
It's necessary to have expansion occur in the most efficient way possible, because God is perfect and efficiency is one of his/her attributes. When creating society, Black people naturally chose the most efficiently perfect number for expansion. To discover which number among all numbers is the most efficiently perfect for expansion, we have to talk about abstract forms.
All things in the universe, seen and unseen, have forms. Physical things like trees and stones have obvious forms that can be seen, but unseen things also have forms, and their forms are called abstract forms. The shape of every abstract form is determined by its purpose. For example the divine abstract form of the concept of leadership is a pyramid. This is determined by the purpose of leadership, which is to lead people to divine unity. The pyramid is the ideal abstract form for this. People climb as a mass of separate individuals from all four directions and go to the top, in stages, where they become one like the capstone, as I've described in a previous discussion. Similarly the divine abstract form of social relationships is a sphere. (In truth, all things have abstract forms, including physical objects. Everything starts as an abstract idea until it manifests as a physical reality. The abstract forms of all physical objects, past, present, and future, exist in perfection in eternity, in the minds of the 24 Elders). So then the abstract form of all social relations is a sphere. This is determined by their purpose, which, as stated before, is expansion. The sphere is the most efficient form for expansion in that it expands equally in all directions at once. No other form has this type of quality. If you watch children build a snowball by adding snow to it from all sides, or by rolling it, it takes the shape of a sphere. This is the best shape for it to expand and grow as quickly as possible with minimum effort. For this same reason all planets and stars are spherical in shape.
The expansion of the mind is also 'spherical' in its abstract shape. So too is the abstract shape of all nations and tribes, as well as friendships and every form of human relationship, including divine unity, because all of them have expansion as their primary purpose. So it can be said that God designed the tribes of the Black nation in the form of perfect spheres so that they can interact and expand in the most efficient way possible. God is the greatest mathematician. Not in the sense of one who studies mathematics, but one who is the source of all mathematical ideas. What God creates is perfect in every way, including mathematically, and becomes the source of all mathematical ideas and principles.
The tribes of the Black nation are thus spherical in their social abstract shape. Now there's a limit to the number of social 'spheres' that allows optimum efficiency of interaction, and that limit is 12. It can be demonstrated mathematically in the following way:
Take small spherical objects like ping-pong balls for example, and put them together such that you have a number of them on the outside surrounding one in the center. Make sure there is no gap for another ball to fit, and see how many balls you can have surrounding the central one, all touching it.
That number is 12. No more and no less.
This is a mathematical law of maximum efficient interaction. It's the perfect abstract ideal for the formation of society, whose purpose is to advance mind and heart unity, which is identical to mind and heart expansion. The perfect form for manifesting this purpose is a sphere because of its natural quality as the most perfect form for expansion. There is a natural maximum number of social 'spheres' or tribes that can surround the central unity of God. The tribes are all equal to one another and to God. None is closer to or farther removed from God than any other, and they are all in touch with his/her divine unity. That natural maximum number is 12, as can be seen in the physical model described above. That's the reason the number of tribes of the Black nation is 12...



Those are the first five divisions of God. They are represented by the 5 limbs surrounding the human torso; the legs, arms, and neck, and also by the 5 fingers and toes. For the purposes of teaching the fundamental origins of numbers, the middle finger is associated with 1, divine unity. The middle finger and ring finger together represent 2, or soul mates, man and woman. The middle finger, ring finger and small finger all together represent 3, man woman and child, or the manifestation of reality in the universe. The pointing finger by itself represents 7, the number of completion. The thumb, which stands aloof by itself from the other fingers, represents 12, which is not derived from the previous numbers in the way that the others before it are.
By symmetry, the five fingers become ten fingers, and 10 naturally becomes the basis for counting. If you study the counting systems of our ancestors, the best recorded example being that of the ancient Egyptians, you'll see that they used 10 as the basis for counting. Their week had 10 days. Their day had 10 hours from sunrise to sunrise, and each hour had 100 minutes. Each minute had 100 seconds for a total of 100,000 seconds from sunrise to sunrise, corresponding to the total number of heartbeats per day in our original bodies. A second was measured by one heartbeat, and a minute by 100 heartbeats. Because of the deterioration of our bodies, our heartbeats have increased from 100,000 per day to about 110,000. But that is the explanation for the basis of our ancient clock and calendar system, and it was founded on the number 10. This system of counting was copied by succeeding civilizations and remains so to this day.
Now by repetition of the number 12, the Gods surrounded themselves with 12 assistants each. They became the 144 Chiefs. By using the number 10 repeated 3 times for a total of 1000 (10x10x10) the 144 Chiefs chose 1000 assistants each, who became the 144,000 Judges. By symmetry of soul mates, the 12 Gods became 24 Elders, and hence all the Chiefs and Judges also were chosen in soul mate couples, every man and his wife, every woman and her husband. The 144,000 Judges did like the Chiefs and chose 1000 people each to lead in their town, and the population on earth became 144,000,000. The 24 Elders allowed each citizen 7,000 years to live, and two children per couple, one child to replace each citizen. The population doubled then and became 288 million. The children grew up and became adults, and they too had two children per couple, tripling the population. A new generation was born every 1,000 years and this continued for seven generations until the total population reached its natural maximum of 7x144,000,000 or 1 billion eight million. After that, when a new generation of 144 million people were born each millennium, the same number of senior citizens passed away, having lived 7,000 years, and so 1B8M became the fixed and permanent population on earth. That's how God became the sacred number of 1B8M people, who are the same 1B8M Black people alive today.
That is the maximum population for a planet the size of earth in order for the people to live in perfect comfort. It allows complete freedom of movement over the whole earth, as well as proper land development without being overbearing on the natural resources or imposing on the plants and animals. Any number beyond this maximum is overpopulation. The world today is grossly overpopulated by 6 times its natural capacity, in other words, by an amount equaling the number of non-Blacks on earth.




Cosmology is the knowledge of how the cosmos (the universe) was created.
Our universe was created by our ancestors many trillions of years ago. One billion eight million ancestors came from the previous universe and created the present one. At the end of every universe, these same 1B8M original people form a new earth using the stars of the old universe as atoms, and become its first inhabitants. Then they create new stars and planets around the first earth to complete the creation.
At the end of the previous universe, all the people in the universe were in an expanded state of mind called divine unity. They were all united in mind and heart as one person. This one person is called God. Although there are many individuals in the divine unity, they nonetheless know themselves only as one. Each person knows himself/herself as the one and only God, without losing his/her sense of individuality. He/she is also aware that every other person is this same God because they are all united as one. That is a state of mind that the ancestors call heaven or eternity. And so heaven is not a place, but the state of mind described. It comes about as the end result of taking part in the various rituals of initiation. At the end of the universe, every person that has ever lived has taken part in all the rituals, especially the seven great rituals of the Black nation, and this state of mind becomes permanent in every individual. At that point the Judges declare that the universe has attained its purpose, and it comes to an end.
When each and every individual in the universe enters this state of mind at the same time, the mind naturally expands. The expansion is so great that the mind not only encompasses the entire universe and every thing in it, but it exceeds the universe boundaries by an immeasurable extent. God becomes so much greater than the universe that the entire universal sphere is, so to speak, 'held in the palm of his hand.' And so God totally outgrows the universe. This brings about the necessity for a new and much larger universe where God can continue the experience of life.
The newly expanded mind of God creates new space that extends far, far beyond the boundaries of the old universe. A new boundary of the universe is then set. It exceeds the old one by the same proportion that the whole universe exceeds the earth in size, and God's mind fills the new space right to its limits. So large is the expanded mind of the united people that the old universe can be seen far below as an object the size of the earth. It becomes the first earth of the new universe.
The original people then descend upon this new earth in one billion eight million new bodies. Their new bodies are made instantly, the very moment they decide to descend upon the earth. They are made of the seven substances of the new earth, which are magnetism, electricity, light, ether, gases, liquids and solid matter. The fourth substance, ether, which is the pure blackness called space, is the central substance of the universe. It's the womb that contains the six other substances in itself. When the original people create bodies for themselves, their bodies take the color of the ether, black, which contains all colors in itself. Therefore God naturally has a black skin color.
The new earth is called the first earth, and its inhabitants are called the first Gods. The first earth sits alone in space, in utter, complete darkness. The B8M Gods are able to see directly by the power of their minds. They are still united with all things, and 'see' them by being them. Mind sight, or inner vision, is different than eyesight. The mind recognizes all external objects as a part of itself, and thus sees them with a self-generated inner light. The illumination that comes from this type of seeing is glorious beyond description. Its brightness and vividness are unimaginably beautiful. It is second only to the pure light of eternity in its magnificence.
The perfect plants and animals of the first earth, called the original totems of life, come into existence instantly as well, the very moment the Gods appear on the first earth. They issue forth spontaneously from the 144,000 aspects of their perfect character. For many billions of years they are the only plants and animals on earth. The rest of the evolutionary species develop from them after the sun has been created.
The first earth is the center of the universe. It becomes the central place, or hub, from which the rest of the universe is created.



The creation of time

God, in the bodies of 1B8M people, physically lives on the first earth, but his/her mind fills space all around to the set boundaries of the new universe. For the first trillion years that the original Gods live on the first earth, there is no time. They know only in retrospect that the period of timelessness lasts for a trillion years because that is how long it takes for each subsequent star to form, and it form the same way as the first solar system (except for the first earth). During this early stage the first earth is alone in absolute darkness. This darkness is called ether or space in modern words. It surrounds the first earth up to a distance of nearly 1 million miles, beyond which there is nothing. There are no physical substances beyond the boundaries of the universe. No physical bodies can go there. That region is occupied only by the mind, which has yet to condense into the seven substances. The first earth is totally still and dark. This absence of movement is the reason for the absence of time. Time comes into being the moment the earth starts to spin on its axis and orbit around the sun. The sun is the generator of time. But at this beginning period it has not yet been created and so time does not yet exist.
During this timeless period the Gods measure 'time' by measuring duration. They set their appointments with each other by determining the duration of their activities. Since every person is united with every other person, they all know what all are doing and how long it takes. Therefore when they set appointments, they say, "I'll meet you at the end of such and such an activity," and then meet when the duration of that activity has come to an end. This type of 'time' measurement by duration is used in the eternal state of mind of the Elders in the future as well, where there is also no time.
Although the Gods are involved in many earthly activities, their main activities involve the condensation of the expanded part of their mind into the seven substances, which will ultimately form the first sun and subsequent star systems that will eventually fill the entire universe. They take turns in the creative activity, in groups of 144,000 people or 72,000 couples. At important junctures in the creation, all 1B8M Gods work together. They create the universe by meditation. They bring the plan for each star system from its original place in eternity, in their united minds, where all things, past, present, and future, exist in perfection. They concentrate their minds on the type of sun that they want to create, and hold its image steady in their united mind. After meditating on the image for some 'time', that part of their expanded mind will begin to condense in the chosen location. The first substance of the sun will begin to condense as magnetism.
It takes a period of 6,000 years of meditation to initiate the formation of one solar system. The Gods divide this 'time' among the 7,000 groups of 144,000 people. Each group meditates on the creation for a set period whose length is determined by their progress. The creation of the sun advances in very precise stages, and the duration of these stages is their way of measuring time.
After 6,000 years of creative activity, they rest for 1,000 years before starting the creation of the next star system. The creation of stars is sequential for the most part, meaning one star system is created at a time. Simultaneously with the sequential creation, the Gods are involved in a larger process of pre-arranging the placement of each system. They determine beforehand where the location of each star will be, what its movements will be, as well as its magnetic relationship with the rest of the universe. (By magnetic relationship I mean what modern scientists call 'gravitational' relationships. In reality, 'gravity' does not exist. What they call 'gravity' on earth is mostly atmospheric pressure. On a larger scale out in space, 'gravitational' attraction is actually magnetic attraction.)
And so every 7,000 years the Gods begin the creation of a new star system. This creative process continues even today, and will continue until the entire universe is filled with its allocated number of star systems.
It takes a trillion years for the first star system to be completed, and about the same amount of time for each subsequent system to reach completion. But the actual creative process of initiating the formation of each system takes only 6,000 years. After 6,000 years of continuous meditation, with the 7,000 groups relieving each other, all the necessary conditions are set in place for the star system to reach completion automatically. In other words, once the initial process is completed in the 6,000-year period, the rest of the process follows natural laws. If there is an earth-like planet in that star system, it will be ready for habitation in about 1 trillion years. Thus the second earth is inhabited by settlers sent from the first earth after 1 trillion years. After that a new earth is inhabited every 7,000 years.



When the 6,000-year period of creative meditation is completed, the substances will begin to condense. The first substance that condenses from the mind into existence is magnetism. So the first sun start as a purely magnetic sun and remains that way for many billions of years.
Now, the creation of the universe is a simple effortless process involving only the imagination, but the description of the process using words, written of spoken, is very difficult. The creation of all stars is sequential, as already stated, with one star being initiated or 'set in place' every 7,000 years. But before each star is set in its place, there is a larger process of coordination of all the heavenly bodies that will coexist in a given region. Such regions are divided into seven tiers, like circles within circles. The first tier or smallest circle is a solar system such as ours, and is made up of planets orbiting a sun. The second tier is made up of a group of solar systems revolving around a larger sun. These larger suns also form a group or family of suns that revolve around an even larger sun, forming a third tier. This pattern is repeated identically, with each tier much larger than the one before, up to the seventh tier. The seventh tier is a group of galaxies orbiting around what may be called a galactic sun, for lack of a better word. Therefore there are seven tiers of classes of suns. Our sun is a first tier sun, and together with its companions such as Alpha Centauri, Sirius, the Pleiades, and many other, revolve around a much larger sun, called a second tier, or second class sun. The second class suns are created before the first class suns, and the third class suns are created before the send class and so on, up to the seventh tier sun, which is the largest and the first to be created. But all the higher class suns remain as purely magnetic suns for a long time, even after the first class suns like ours have completely condensed and appear as orbs of light. Thus the higher tier suns remain invisible, and are known to modern scientists only by their 'gravitational' effects. As stated before, these effects are not 'gravitational', unless 'gravitational' is redefined as magnetic. Because of the large size of these suns compared to first class suns like our sun, their magnetic attraction is much stronger. And because they remain as purely magnetic suns for a long time, without any light substance to make them visible, they're quite an enigma to modern scientists. They can detect the 'gravitational pull' (magnetic attraction) that it exerts on all neighboring space objects, even on light itself, yet they themselves remain invisible. For this reason they are called 'black holes'.

Black holes

They're called black holes because modern instruments cannot detect them, but can detect only their physical effects on surrounding bodies, including the effects they have on light. They exist in deep blackness because they have not yet formed an electrical and light substance. In addition, thereís no ether around them for light to travel. So when light waves enter their region, the light appears to be 'swallowed' into an abyss and disappears. It becomes invisible due to the lack of ether. Light can only travel in ether or space. Without it, the movement of light is inhibited and the light waves eventually disintegrate and become one with the magnetic substance. Thus these magnetic suns form a region around themselves of pure blackness, where only their magnetic presence exists. Therefore they appear to the telescope as 'black holes'. That is the first type of black hole.
A second type is formed when a regular sun or group of suns have reached the end of their allotted time of existence as light orbs. They then 'evaporate' and their light, ether, and electrical substances revert back to magnetic substance. Such suns, when they become purely magnetic suns, usually join together with others in their vicinity and form a large invisible magnetic body, though not as large as the higher tier suns. They form a second type of black hole for the same reason. Those that do not join with others form a smaller black hole still.
Other suns 'die' differently, not by reverting to a higher substance, but by condensing further from light orbs and becoming gas orbs, somewhat like the planet Jupiter, but much larger. If they collapse further, they go from the gaseous stage and actually become giant solid planets. Because of their intense magnetic quality, they are not the type of planets suitable for habitation. When they're detected by modern instruments, they're called 'black or red or white dwarf suns', depending on their color.



The first appearance of light

Back on the first earth, many trillions of years before the other suns are formed, after about 1/2 trillion years since the beginning of the universe, the first sun has condensed through its first three stages of magnetism, electricity, and light. The sun is still invisible. The first earth is still enveloped in the darkness of its own ether, which only extends a relatively short distance beyond the earth's atmosphere (about 1 million miles).
Soon after, the sun's light condenses further and becomes ether. This ether extends to the boundaries of the solar system and beyond, and will soon meet up with the ethers of other star systems as they come into being, and eventually cover all space. The appearance of the ether for the first time allows the movement of light across space. Light depends on the ether to travel and be seen, just like sound depends on air to travel and be heard.
Modern scientists are oftentimes puzzled by the 'sudden' appearance of a star in a region where their telescopes revealed no star before. Usually they explain this by saying they did not have a strong enough telescope, or due to careless observation, or some such explanation. The real reason is that the star was there all the time, forming over a trillion years, but had not yet condensed an etheric substance by which its light could be seen. The entire spectrum of light and color, from red to violet and infrared (below red) to ultraviolet (above violet) requires ether to travel, and cannot be detected otherwise. When the ether condenses enough to provide movement of light, the light appears instantly, as if a star just appeared out of nowhere, when in fact it had been there all along, invisible.
As soon as the ether of the first sun appears, the first earth is suddenly and instantly lit with physical light for the first time. This is heralded as the creation of the first moment of time for our universe. As soon as the light reaches the earth, magnetism and electricity from the sun also reach it. These two substances also travel in the ether, the dark womb of space. The sun's magnetic interaction with the earth cause a differentiation of the earthís magnetic poles, which were previously undifferentiated. They now obtain opposite polarities. The sun's electrical substance also interacts with that of the earth, and causes the first movement of electrical currents. This electrical movement is the first signal for the development of growth and movement on earth, and initiates the development of new, evolutionary-type plants and animals from the perfect totems. The electrical and magnetic movements also cause the first circulation of currents, both of air and water. The waters of earth are separated for the first time, allowing clouds to form, and rain and rivers to flow, which had been perfectly still before then. The electrical movement due to the appearance of the sun also causes many other kinds of movements, growth and separations on earth, but perhaps the most significant is the first movement of the earth about its own axis. As the electrical and magnetic interaction between the earth and the sun increases, it increases the currents that circulate between the earth's north and south magnetic poles. These currents cause the rotation of the earth about its axis; exactly the same way that electromagnetic currents cause the rotation of an electric motor as they circulate between its opposite poles.
As the earth rotates about its axis, day and night begin to alternate for the first time. The sun 'rises' and 'sets' as the earth alternately presents its opposite hemispheres, east and west, to the sun. This is the beginning of the first day. At the same time light falls upon the surface of the earth. Light is the first substance that provides friction. Magnetism and electricity are frictionless substances. They do not cause friction to objects passing through them. They may provide opposition, but itís a clean, frictionless force. Therefore they are perfectly 'non-coarse' substances. Light is the first 'coarse' substance, but its coarseness is so fine that it cannot be detected by instruments. It can only be known by its effects. As the light falls on the earth for the first time, and as the earth begins to rotate about its axis creating the first hour of daytime, the 'coarseness' of the sunlight provides enough 'friction' on the rotating surface of the earth for the earth to actually roll on this friction in the same way a wheel rolls on a road. For the sake of description, the sun's rays falling on the earth can be thought of as a coarse substance as it covers the entire side of the earth exposed to it. Because the earth is spinning on its axis, the friction between the light and the surface of the earth provides 'traction'. The traction is so minute that it takes thousands of years for its effects to show.
The earth's surface 'grabs' on this traction the same way a spinning wheel grabs the traction on the road and moves forward. In the same way the earth 'rides' on sunlight due to the friction it provides. This causes the earth to move forward, ever so slightly. The sun's magnetic attraction pulls the earth toward itself while the sunlight gently pushes it away. The two opposing forces cause a state of balance. The earth slowly accelerates through space ever so gently. The acceleration is so gentle that it takes millions of years for the earth to reach the equilibrium speed of 66,666 miles per hour. That is the speed at which earth-like planets move through space as they orbit the sun, and is the same speed for our earth well. The first movement of the first earth through space is the beginning of the first year, which is by far the 'longest'. Thus the day and the year begin simultaneously. The day is due to the rotation of the earth about its axis, caused by electrical and magnetic currents. The year is due to the earth's movement through space around the sun, caused by the rotation of the earth and the friction of sunlight. And thus time begins.

The first earth does not have seasons. It exists in an eternal spring, where there is neither the cold of winter nor the heat of summer. This is because its axis is perfectly vertical and is not tipped over like that of our earth and other planets. It's the only earth in the universe like that, because it's the only one formed before its sun. All other earths and planets, including our earth, are formed after their sun has been formed, and come directly from their sun's substance. That is how our earth was formed, from our sun's substance, 78 trillion years ago, some billions of years after our sun was formed.

Soon after the first sun reaches this stage of its completion, other suns begin to form nearby, surrounding the first solar system. More suns form farther out as the trillions of years go by, until the entire set boundary of the universe is filled with stars. The planets accompanying the 1st earth, as well as those of other stars are formed in the following way:
As soon as the sun's ether condenses into existence, God's mind starts the sun rotating on its axis. The rotation of the sun causes a movement of its magnetic field, which reaches the earth and causes an electrical system to be set up between its opposite poles, as already described.
As soon as the sun starts spinning about its axis, its etheric substance condenses further and forms gases. These gases are thrown off the surface of the sun due to its spinning motion, or what is called centrifugal force. The gases are thrown off in large masses toward the edges of the solar system. They experience a magnetic pull from the sun such that they only travel so far before they stop and establish an orbital circuit. How far they go depends on their size and the force with which they were thrown off. Because the sun was spinning when it threw them off, the gaseous masses continue this rotational movement given them by the sun and orbit around it. They also spin around their axis for the same reason of electromagnetic current movements between their north and south poles.
As soon as they reach a stable circuit away from the sun, they begin to condense further and form the last two types of substances; liquids and solids. Now the seven substances of the solar system are complete; magnetism, electricity, light, ether, gases, liquids, and solid substances. The smaller masses that are thrown off cool the quickest, forming the smaller planets and all the meteors, meteorites, and space dust particles. During this period of planet formation, as long as the sun continues to eject masses, a lot of collisions take place in space. The first earth in the meantime is protected from these collisions by its electrical and magnetic fields, as well as a high layer of atmosphere.
The collisions break up some large masses that could have become planets and these become asteroids instead, scattered throughout the surrounding space. Some of the material is thrown off so far away that it forms comets whose orbits are so large that they circle the sun only once every dozens of years, some even longer.
After many billions of years of this violent activity, the sun stabilizes and stops condensing. It stops throwing off gaseous material and the whole solar system becomes stable. All the planets 'plough' their way through this debris, so to speak. The larger planets collect many smaller bodies that become their moons, and hold them to themselves by a magnetic attraction. Some smaller planets lose their atmosphere and liquids to the larger planets, and become dry barren planets. As time moves on, all the space bodies establish their steady circuits. Each one finds it place in the solar system, and the solar system is complete. About a trillion years have passed.
The first solar system, the abode of the first Gods, becomes stable and complete at that point. Far out in space, in stages lasting for many more trillions of years, other solar systems form in the same way, including our solar system.
The end result of it is that the expanded mind of the b8m Gods, by a process of condensation, creates a new universe, its many stars and planets being formed, as it were, 'out of nothing'.
The b8m original people live for a trillion years. That is how long it takes for the first solar system to become complete. During this time, they live in their everlasting, perfect bodies. They nourish their bodies with the food from the perfect plants. During this entire period, no new people are born on the first earth. After the solar system has reached a stable state, the original Gods form a model society. They themselves are perfect people, having reached absolute perfection in their previous universe. They do not need an organized society. They form a model society for the benefit of their descendents. That model society will be emulated for the rest of time, until the new universe reaches its own perfection, when all the people to be born in it will consciously become full God, just like their ancestors.
The original Gods choose 24 among them, 12 men and 12 women, to be the Elders of the new nation. Then they choose 144 to be the Chiefs and 144,000 to be the Judges. They send the judges to lay the foundations for 72,000 towns over the whole earth in 12 separate countries. The people separate themselves into 12 groups of 84 million people to form 12 tribes. Each tribe has a King and a Queen, 12 Chiefs, and 12,000 Judges. They deliberately leave the divine unity or oneness of their minds. They had existed in this unity for about 1 trillion years, most of which the earth was in physical darkness, alone in space.
When they separate from the state of divine unity, they separate themselves from the 24 Elders, who are the only Gods that remain permanently in that state of mind. God separates himself/herself from eternity in order to bring new life to the universe, life that has never existed before. It is by this means that God creates himself/herself anew. When the universe attains its purpose, God rediscovers himself/herself again for the first time. The re-discovery is a brand new experience for all the new people of the universe. Thus God is born anew again and again, rediscovering his/her eternal and glorious infiniteness for the first time every time. That is God's whole joy, delight, and ecstasy. It is how God increases, and begins a brand new experience with every new-born baby, while in the Elders he/she remains as an eternal being who has no beginning.
At the end of the trillion years, the b8m Gods begin to procreate. They stop eating the food of the trees of life, and begin to eat ordinary food. Soon most of them pass out of life and ascend after giving birth to a new generation. The new generations have no experience of divine unity. They are born as ordinary people, with a lifespan of 7,000 years. This becomes the normal lifespan of all ordinary people. Part of the reason for the 7,000-year lifespan is because the 7 great rituals of the Black nation occur over a period of 7,000 years, with one great festival every millennium. The ordinary human body/mind is designed to withstand the ecstasy of only one great ritual every 1,000 years. More than that it cannot stand. Another reason is that by agreement, concerning population control, 144 million people are born every millennium, such that the total number born after 7 generations or 7,000 years is one billion eight million, which is the maximum population the earth can sustain comfortably forever. So the oldest generation passes after 7,000 years when this maximum number is reached. Only the leaders are longer-lived, but much shorter than the original Gods. The 24 Elders of the new generation live for 700,000 years, and are the longest-lived people on earth. They are trained and then initiated into the eldership by the original Elders before they pass.
The original people also establish the seven great rituals. These rituals will guarantee each person the experience of divine unity. Divine unity itself is held consciously and permanently by every generation of Elders. Every couple that is initiated into the eldership remain in that state of eternity for the rest of their lives, until they initiate a new couple before passing.
Before they all pass, the b8m Gods also establish many other rituals and customs. They cover the entire spectrum of knowledge and science, beginning with farming, the cultivation of new plants, the taming of animals, genetics, the building of cities, commerce, agriculture, transportation and space travel, as well as all the knowledge concerning human and societal relations, the science of soul mates, marriage and procreation. They leave all this knowledge in the hands of their initiates. The knowledge is passed from generation to generation in the form of customs and rituals of initiations, and not a bit of it is ever lost.
Soon after the second star system is completed, the new inhabitants of the first earth, the descendents of the original Gods, send 144,000 settlers to inhabit it. Most star systems in the universe are created with an earth-like planet. As the planets form, one of them will find itself in an ideal orbit at the proper distance from the sun, and about the size of an earth. When such a planet is completed, the scientists will travel to it from the first earth and seed it with life. They will take the germs of the original prototypes, first of plants, and seed them on that planet. Much later, when they have developed enough variety to support animal life, the scientists (or rather their descendents) will travel again and seed it with animal germs. After about a million years, such a planet will be ready to support human life. A new solar system is completed every 7,000 years, and the vast majority of them have an earth-like planet. Thus every 7,000 years settlers are sent from the first earth to inhabit a new earth. 144,000 volunteers leave their people and travel there to start a new life. Countless trillions of planets have been inhabited this way since the beginning of our universe. That is how our own planet was inhabited 78 trillion years ago. 144,000 ancestors came here from another star system to live on our earth. After about 7,000 years, their population had increased to one billion eight million. Our earth has been continuously inhabited since then. This settlement of the universe continues to this day, and will continue until every star system designed for the support of life has been inhabited. After many countless trillions of years, the entire universe will be inhabited, and our universe will attain its purpose and come to an end.