The Institute For Black Men
Adinkra Reclaim
'The Decade of the Black Man'

Black Men, as a group, have historically been demonized, de-valued and de-humanized. In our effort to combat this, we will work to en-value the Black Man during the 'Decade of the Black Man'. We will, in every way we can, fight against the stereotypes, lies amd myths perpetuated daily, whenever and wherever we find them. We will also put forward positive ideas for ourselves and others to try that will build images of Black Men that demonstrate the Knowledge, Strength and Courage we know we have.

To that end, we propose the following:
·Black Men should have a photo of their father and/or photos of Black Men who helped raise them in a place of honor in their home.

·Black fathers should make sure that each of their offspring has a photo of them. Even if they have not been with their offspring, they should do this now. This includes so-called 'step-fathers'.

·All Black homes should have a place of honor for the Black Men in the family. There should be photos of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and sons displayed and the children should know the names and histories of these Black Men. Where the fathers are not present, Black Women should make sure the children, especially sons, know of the positive qualities of their fathers.

·Black churches and other Black institutions and organizations should start 'Project Honor', a place of recognition and honor for the Black Men in their constituencies who have died as a result of injustice and/or in the struggle for freedom. This place of honor would include Black Men who died as heroes (as defined by the family and community), as well as those who died in service to their country (even if the military did not award them medals). Black Men who are incarcerated should have a photo displayed in their family's home in a place of recognition because, even if there is shame for their actions which caused them to be imprisoned, the family should still recognize the basic humanity of that person. Very few Black Men have absolutely no value or positive qualities.

·Black Men should stop perpetuating the myths, lies and stereotypes about Black Men. We should practice speaking good of Black Men and en-couraging the positive actions of Black Men, while dis-couraging negative actions. We should do this in word and deed. We should stop the practice of describing and calling Black Men negative names and give Black Men the respect we expect for ourselves. We should set positive examples for our sons and other young Black Men and correct negative behavior and actions of young Black Men.

·All Black Men should begin the habit of having a book with them at all times possible, and read them, even if it is only a page a day. This will not only set a positive example but will also add to the collective information and knowledge of Black People.

The Institute for Black Men
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Black Men, Saving Ourselves