World's # 1 Producer of Cocoa is The Ivory Coast

Chocolate Economics

some people swear white chocolate is the best,
more pure and better, they say;
but with so many delicious varieties, how can one truly tell?
There's the Swiss chocolate, I guess it's grown in the Alps
or the German chocolate from right across the border.
What about the British chocolate
or the rare chocolate from China;
how different are they from Hershey's
or chocolate from the Motherland?
Is there chocolate in Spain, fancy or plain;
from the Congo or Nome, how about Bahia or Rome?
And we can't forget chocolate covered cherries
which must grow on vines in heaven,
on the corner of Dark Street and Rich Avenue
right next to Chocolate Mousse Gardens.
This is just a chocolate planet, from north to south,
east and all through the west;
I think I'll tour the Earth's chocolate islands
and find out myself which is best;
I'll keep a little for my personal use
and sell you chocolate junkies the rest.