Criminal Thinking

Recently thinking secretly
Guarding my thoughts like
A squirrel with his nuts in a tree
I wondered what it would be like
To think thoughts of free-dom to be.
I don't know where this place is
Or what to do to get there
All I know is that thinking
Is against the law
And my mind is a criminal to me.
My life is a sentence with no parole
No bond no bail
An invisible jail
I can escape if I turn in my soul.
In my secretly criminal thinking
I'm alone, an army of one
Plotting and planning down in the night
As I imagine others did before me
Back before ideas were taught
And thoughts were caught
Life couldn't be bought
Back when these words were free.
I live in fear of being discovered
That you or he or she will see
That I've been thinking
And not believing
All that we are taught to see.
I know that you will betray me
As thoughtlaws force you to do
You'll lead the investigation
And help with the torture too.
You'll do it because you believe
That criminal thinking must end
Citizen demands that you must kill me
And scatter my thoughts in the wind.