I am not a suspect
I am a person of interest
I have not been accused, arraigned, arrested or charged
nor have I been mentioned in the vicinity of a crime.
I have a driverís license, a valid passport, a credit card, social  security card,
a voterís registration card, an atm card, a phone number, a medical card, an email address, a website and even a college degree.
I am not a suspect
I am a person of interest
to persons unknown who say Iím not the target
of any investigation.
My profile is kept.
Everything Iíve ever bought is recorded;
every deposit Iíve ever made, every website Iíve ever visited,
every trip Iíve ever taken, every book Iíve ever bought,
every woman Iíve ever made love with, every baby Iíve ever kissed
is all secured in my computer dossier
to keep the homeland safe.
It may be a little late to tell you
about what is now taking place,
but your reading, hearing or holding
these words has put you in the database.


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