It's a funny thing about words
they can be used to delight Us or enlight Us
take the word de-light
it means to take away from the light
is that what We want to do?
to de-light someone or Our Selves?
I want to en-light, to bring You to the light
so You can re-ceive, not be de-ceived.
Funny thing about words
they can be used to fool Us or re-fuel Us.
they can de-activate Us or re-activate Us.
take the word remember.
what is a member?
it is a part of something, like an arm or a leg
or a finger or a toe.
a member of a club or a tribe or a show.
if We could re-member, I'm sure We would know.
We were made to be afraid to re-member Our race
it was a way to make sure We stayed in the same place.
We should re-call that they dis-membered Our people;
they cut off Our limbs
Our languages, Our cultures, Our families, Our lands
they cut off Our members, Our feet and Our hands.
now We can't re-call who We are or where We came from
simply because We haven't learned to re-member.
when We begin to re-member Our Fathers
We'll begin to re-member Our Selves.
re-member Our Ancestors, Our People, Our stories
re-member Our Fathers, their struggles, Our glories.
It's a funny thing about words
they can be used to re-member-re-member-remember.
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