Wizard of Romance
The Trance of Romance

The battle of the sexes is not our fight
It belongs to the others who've stolen our light
Now we're lost in this sexual wilderness
Chained to our pleasures and perverted delights.
It started long before we were born
So we didn't know that we had been robbed
Of our true nature and life and charm.
We were taught that romance was universal
And all of us had a right to be loved
But Rome was not one of our preferred destinations
Nor was learning the languages of deviance it spawned.
What I'm saying is difficult to comprehend
But the truth of it will resonate deep within
Because of the chocolate, the red roses, the freak
Their concept of love has made us so weak
That everything un-natural we follow along
Despite what thousands of years has shown us is wrong.
We eat, drink and sleep sex as if it's the air
Abusing our bodies like we just don't care
Ryhming and scheming to flirt on each other
Plotting and planning to hurt on each other
Without the Original Guidance of Know
We're becoming the children of the people of snow
Who have no morals or standards to show
Who have no rhyme, no rhythm, no flow.
We must dig up the True Knowledge of Self
And read those Black books we put on the shelf.
We must stop wasting time chasing sex as romance
Thinking that love is some white game of chance
The goal of the other is to kill off our mind
And every time we fuck we kill our own kind.