3 Wishes

If you are not Black
do not read this poem!


3 wishes

if i were given 3 guaranteed wishes
here is what i would do.

i would pray for a miracle so vast
and so great that all on the Earth
would know the power of my God
who is Black
so that all Black people on Earth
would never again be ashamed or afraid
of knowing our God is Black.

And just in case-
just in case there is no God
i would wish for a dozen or so
thermonuclear bombs
to be buried under a dozen or so
capitals of western civilization
with the control codes implanted
in the minds of a dozen or so
righteous Black people too strong
for white people to touch or
traitor blacks to compromise
so that all the Black people on Earth
would know a power so vast and so great
we would never fear white people again.

then, and only then,
would i sit down and ponder
whether i'll use the third wish for me.


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