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The State of Your Brain
You can enhance your brain's power by being in the right state for learning. 'State' refers to the mental and physical condition of your body-mind. Are your thoughts drifting and jumping all over the place? Are you focused on one idea or task? Are your muscles tense? Is your breathing fast? Are you relaxed and breathing calmly? For learning, the best state to be in is one in which your body is relaxed and your brain-mind is alert and focused.
  This state is technically called the alpha brainwave state. Alpha refers to the speed, or frequency, of the electrical impulses in your brain. Researchers have named four brainwave frequencies, from high to low; beta, alpha, theta and delta. Alpha is a state between what is generally called your conscious (beta) and your subconscious (theta) states. Alpha is that state between waking and sleeping. You're in alpha when you're visualizing, imagining or daydreaming in a calm, relaxed state.
  To help you put your brain-mind into this power learning alpha state, here are five areas of concern to assist your brain empowerment program.
Physical environment (sound, light, temperature, and seating)
Emotional stimuli (motivation, persistence, responsibility, conformity, and internal or external structure)
Social needs (learning alone, in a pair, as part of a small group, with an authoritative or collegial adult, in a variety of ways, or in a consistent pattern)
Physiological factors (perceptual modalities, food or liquid intake, time-of-day energy levels, mobility needs)
Cognitive processing inclinations - either global (right side of brain) or analytic (left side of brain) inclinations

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