The Intelligence Division


It is not a question of whether you are intelligent. The fact that you are reading this demonstrates that. Understanding HOW you are intelligent and strengthening your brain's power is what we will do here. Your brain is the master muscle of your body. We have 100 billion brain cells, and each brain cell can make thousands of connections with other brain cells. Although we use very little of it, your brain could easily store the contents of 10 million 1,000 page books! You are capable of learning all the known languages on Earth, learning every song ever written, playing every known musical instrument, understanding all known mathematical formulas and still have room left over.

As you are reading this, you are becoming smarter; your mind is expanding, allowing your brain to grow and accept these ideas. As you continue to read what is contained here, you will continue to become smarter. As you learn more about the brain and YOUR intelligences, you will enhance your brain power.
It is known that we all have at least seven (7) to ten (10) natural Intelligences. Standard education has limited us to using only one or two of our intelligences, linguistic and mathematical. By learning about and understanding the other intelligences, you will discover YOUR strongest intelligence(s) and, with practice, master your brain's abilities.

 We will introduce you to eight intelligences. Be alert to what intelligence you seem naturally strong in, and build on that strength by exploring and incorporating all your intelligences. We will also introduce you to GENIUS GLYPHING, a powerful tool which will accelerate your abilties.
The eight are: Visual-Spacial, Body Kinesthetic, InterPersonal, IntraPersonal, Lingusitic, Mathematical, Musical and Spiritual (Naturalist) Intelligences.

1.  Visual-Spacial Intelligence
2.  Body Kinesthetic Intelligence
3.  InterPersonal Intelligence
4.  IntraPersonal Intelligence
5.  Lingusitic Intelligence
6.  Mathematic Intelligence
7.  Musical Intelligence
8.  Spiritual (Naturalist)Intelligence

9.  Genius Glyphing